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Hello Folks,

Can anyone give pointers on a hub nut tool for a \'96 Trooper, please? Nothing else found on the web...

I have the dimensions from another list. I don\'t really have time to make one. Isuzu won\'t sell one to me. (Or maybe I need to make time..any suggestions on how to do this welcome.)

Is there a \"generic\" one?

The nut is recessed and is a \"castle\" type with notches.


Hub Nut Tool (Please) - M.M

Looking quickly I can't see a ready made source.

Last time I needed similar I picked up the right dia of heavy tube from the farm fabrication shop across the road and cut the slots with an angle grinder. Only took a few minutes and any failures can be quickly cut off and started again another inch or so down the tube.

You can either weld a leverage bar on once the tool fits or get a big nut welded on for your socket set to be used.

Hub Nut Tool (Please) - Richard Hall
When I was looking for information on changing a Trooper cambelt, I found this bunch of New Zealanders very helpful:

Richard Hall
Hub Nut Tool (Please) - rg
Hub Nut Tool (Please) - DL
Why oh why do they have to have a weird nut? Just to make life difficult, huh?

Best of luck, Rob
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Dont suppose its similar to a Citreon/Pegeuot bottom balljoint removal tool is it? That has 4 proud lugs.

Hub Nut Tool (Please) - DL
Ah, an air chisel works wonders on those!
Hub Nut Tool (Please) - rg

Did you ever work on my Peugeot 405 then? (Air chisel to the sump plug...)

Thanks, everyone.

Time to do some investigative surgery.

FWIW I managed to get a PDF manual on CD from "a man in a cyberpub". Documentation for these machines is pretty scarce.

Hub Nut Fun... - rg

As per M.M.s instruction, the tool took around ten minutes to make. Some jobs grow in the mind as you ponder them. Then are an absolute doddle...

Then there are others.

Like the fact that the nut is locked by a flat plate held by three countersunk grub screws (similar to those on a brake disc but smaller)

I don't know how many Yen Isuzu saved by using the most sub-standard fasteners ever on this vehicle. Probably not many. Two of the three screws chewed up straight away with only moderate effort. Suddenly I'm back in '77 working on Yamahas. Maybe they used the same source of "metallic Play-Doh" for anything with a "cross-head".

They will drill out to release the plate. But they need replacing.

So. I doubt if Isuzu main dealers keep these. Does anyone know of a source of fasteners on the web?

And the device called "Easi-Out"? I kind of left-handed tap, so I understand, for removing sheared studs.

Any advice welcomed!


Hub Nut Fun... - M.M

I use this set from Snap On.....

You may get on OK with the left hand tap type but they are very brittle and prone to break off, the drive on them is a little square and it\'s useless for applying any force, and they tend to expand the old screw the harder you turn them making it tend to stick even more.

Ask me if the way the Snap On one works isn\'t obvious. That little set has got me out of some difficult situations!!

Hub Nut Fun... - M.M
Ooops I appear to have knacked the page layout.


sorted with tiny.url DD.
Hub Nut Fun... - rg

Nope, the link off the e-mail worked fine, thanks and it loaded very quickly.

It looks comprehensive, but I would need to sell off one of my internal organs to buy it. (Probably not my liver, though...)

Thanks, though. A L/H drill would probably do something, apart from throw swarf into the bearing. The replacement screw is the hassle...


B and Q (yes, really...) - rg

I found the replacement screws at a B and Q warehouse, having trawled a few motor factors.

(Bizarre or what?

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I can't beleive that this job is taking so long.

For the sake of the archive and my own mental state, I'll post my progress.

Sadly, it's a case of "learning curve and corrosion" slowing everything up. The workshop manual is like a cryptic crossword.

The "special tool" thing was a complete red herring, as the roller bearing is held in by a threaded ring. 45 minutes working this arrangement out. Then sixty seconds to remove.

The discs appeared to be removable without need to remove the caliper holder from the backplate. Well, appeared to be. 5mm less on the disc dimensions would allow this to happen. Alas, the caliper holder needs to come off. 22mm bolts, seven years of corrosion, and "blind end" inaccessibile due to the disc being in the way. Plus Gas and prayer seems to be the only way.

I'll keep you posted.


3.1 '96 Vauxhall Monterey (Isuzu Trooper)
Isuzu Brakes Saga - Richard Hall
RG, I feel your pain. Spent Friday afternoon trying to fit a new set of shocks to a '94 Trooper. The fronts came off OK, but the upper mounting nuts on the rears have been reduced to shapeless blobs of corrosion, and they are almost inaccessible so I can't use the usual implements of torture. Might just be able to get a disc cutter onto them, but I didn't have any bolts the right size, so that's a job for another day.

Isuzu Trooper - a very fine vehicle let down by terrible fasteners...

Richard Hall
Isuzu Brakes Saga - rg

Thanks for your support!

Are you going to post anything on your excellent site about the Trooper?

Oh yes, and while I remember, it needs a special LSD oil in the diff. EP90 wrecks the limited slip diff.

The oil? A Shell concotion made in only one refinery in the world especially for Isuzu. Cost? Around £5/ltr.

There is precious little on the web about DIY.

Have Fun!



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