Replacing (recharging) Battery VW Polo?? - jaapie
Hi there,
I was reading in the Archives and came across quite a few discussions regarding Battert replacement,however there wasnt anything said regarding the VW Polo 1.6L aUTO 1997.
I posted a question there,but mabe because its the Archives no one sees it. Anyway here is my question i hope someone will know something about this.

Ok so i have read all the posts here,(this relates to the Archieves) but can i ask about a VW Polo 1997 1.6L Auto,does anyone know about the results if changing its battery,i know that the Radio will have to be reset,but what about the rest of the memory of the ECU?? WILL THIS STILL BE ok??
As the VW isnt mentioned at these posts i hope there is someone who really knows about them.
Thanks in advance.Also after reading the Archives will this affect the dual Airbags at all?? Please answer (only those with definate knowledge of this model VW) Thanks again to anyone who is really clued on this .
PS: i want to recharge the battery so it will be out of the car for a few hours.

Replacing (recharging) Battery VW Polo?? - sean
You should have no problems at all.

You know more about your radio than I do, but there is no volatile info in the ECU on this model to be maintained by your battery.
Replacing (recharging) Battery VW Polo?? - SeanO
Hi jaapie,
Have you tried posting your question on www.Porka. net? Really good Polo site. Full of good technical info.
Replacing (recharging) Battery VW Polo?? - jaapie
Hi Sean,
Will have a look at that site thanks for that.
There are a few more things i want to find out about so mabe i will get my answers thre??
Thanks again

PS Cant seem to get your email up it says This Prifile is not available??
Anyway thats OK.

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