Mobile Paint Repair - Cheeky
Just out of interest - has anyone got any recent experience of these wizard companies who claim to sort out all your little parking dings, stonechips, plastic bumper repair etc??

If so, have the repairs been successful and good value for money?
Calling a guy out later this week to do a makeover to my front bumper and also assess a minor lacquer peel situation. Really hoping he can work some magic without having to re-spray...

Mobile Paint Repair - Greg Parker
From experience, the wizard companies can do good jobs but only minor scuffs. However, I used one site in sussex who only does such jobs with a landline number and professional people who were in the past mechanics. I would not use a mobile one though.

But, in a lot of cases you can try to repair the car yourself if they are very small scratches etc. But it is best always to take your time and don\'t touch up big scraches as they look worse!

In terms of value for money, they are sure cheaper than the big ones. I paid £50 for a full bumper respray and touching up throughout the car which made it look like new. And it was a very good job.

The most important thing is to use competent people, so it is worth looking around and asking related questions at each.


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