Best Depreciating Car? - Phoenicks
What is the best depreciating car (is than oxymoron?!).

I keep hearing about the Boxster but i swear its got to be the Escort Cosworth.

what do you think?
Best Depreciating Car? - Blue {P}
So far our best is the BMW Z4, it's appreciated in value since we bought it! :-)

Of course thats down to the year long waiting list, once that's gone things will be more interesting...

Oh, and how about Sierra Cosworths still selling for upwards of £10K on D and E plates!? I couldnt believe it when I saw that on Autotrader...

Best Depreciating Car? - Phoenicks
I wonder if you're Z4 will still be worth 70% of its list price in 10 years?!.....

Good point on the Sierra's. very expensive eh?

I bet the Escort Cosworth values will fall once the Focus RS 4x4 comes out.
Best Depreciating Car? - Blue {P}
Hope so, might get one then :-)

Actually, I like the Cougar, it has had horrendous depreciation, so when my car is paid for in just under two years, I'm getting a 2.5 V6 Cougar :-)

Isn't depreciation wonderful?

Best Depreciating Car? - Phoenicks
I agree. I quite like the cougar too. good choice for a cheap, loadsakit and engine car. Bit like the Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo and the Nissan 200sx. hang on. i sense a theme.....
Best Depreciating Car? - edisdead {P}
This might be useful:

Best Depreciating Car? - Marcos{P}
When I picked up my new E320 CDI in November it was the second one in the country. The dealer said he could sell it for me tommorrow for 2-4k more than I was paying.
Basically they had their order books filled for six months already and as the 320 cdi had come out 3 months early people were desperate for one.
Best Depreciating Car? - Phoenicks
Must have been tempting!

I reckon that the normal value of depreciation of the figure 3 years from launch is helpful, but look at it 6 years from launch for a real figure.
Best Depreciating Car? - DavidHM
I know what you mean, but in some ways it's hard to get an idea from past performance for a car that you actually would buy now.

For instance, if you take a car that was launched two to three years ago, like a Mondeo, and buy one now, you'd be quite impressed - probably at three years and 60k they're maintaining close to 40% of list - decent for the class.

Of course, in three years' time, when you come to sell yours it'll be an old design that's just been replaced or about to be and would do well to get more than about 33%.

How many six year old designs are still in production with no major modifications imminent? The Boxster I guess is a stunning exception. The loss in value for a 97 from £31k to £21k is less than an Escort would have lost over the same period.
Best Depreciating Car? - Phoenicks
Yeah it is diffcult to work out, but most cars follow the same route. e.g My golf: Mk3 8v GTI 97/r - 65k miles. worth £500 less than my old Peugeot 306xsi 98/s with 29k miles in trade. It weird as the peugeot was far better to drive and smoother, but its the image thing again. New mondeos have a better image of build than the old one so that might be the reason. not sure.

Regards the Boxster v escort cossie, £31k to £21k is about 33% loss over 6 years. An Escort Cossie was about £25k new at the end (i think) but you find late ones going for about £17.5k and thats on a 95/M. So thats a 30% loss over 8 years. So i would go for the escort as better.

How about the Corrado? That was a slow depreciator too.
Best Depreciating Car? - 3500S
Well I'm happy thanks to the A&L Depreciation guide. Bought the Rover 75 pre-reg'd at the same price as a year old and might dip a toe in at 3 yrs. It's a diesel manual as well :)
Best Depreciating Car? - Phoenicks
Do the actual prices paid sometimes differ from these guides?

For instance i've heard of certain cars going less than book cost because of the perceived value and availability. e.g Daewoos.

I've heard the term from numerous traders ' its a below book car'.

Can anyone shed any light?
Slowest Depreciating Vehicle - M.M
Let's forget the short term residuals subject to market fluctuations, let's forget the exotic classics valued on the whim of a rock star...

The bread and butter vehicle that surely defines minimal depreciation over many decades is the Series Land Rover.

In 1963 a SWB diesel was about £800 and 40 years later it would possibly fetch a few pounds more.

No wonder the Top Gear poll put them in no.1 position...mind you "vehicle" rather than "car" might have been a more appropriate term.

Slowest Depreciating Vehicle - Dwight Van Driver
Spot on M.M.

Series 1 advertised for sale in current LRO Mag, 1949/50 model, restored 12 years ago and with current MOT and RFL for the princely sum of:

Six thousand quid. It will go.


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