renault 5 again - welshy
As some of you you may know I have a Renault 5 GTS 1.4cc , just out of curiousity does anyone know how much BHP this car has , it just seems awfully quick for an old car .
renault 5 again - DavidHM
I'm not sure what state of tune it was in, but the 1.4 C type engine in the 19 of the same age (ish) only had 60 bhp. However, there was an 80 bhp 1.4 Energy in the 19 (new for that car) and I guess there may have been a more highly tuned C type too.
renault 5 again - owen
not sure, but a mate of mine used to borrow his mum's renault 5 when we were 17, and it was a flyer! I seem to recall it had around 80-85bhp, and was significantly quicker than every one else's car (which was an assortment of 1.1 and 1.4 metros, novas and fiestas!)


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