93 Orion cold stalling - paultta35
I have a problem with my 93 1.6i Orion where once a day it stalls when cold. Usual ritual is to start up the car, reverse out of the driveway & off down the road about 500m. At the end there is a steep hill & the car stalls as soon as I apply brakes or even just clutch. It only happens when cold & only ever once a day - it won't stall 50m further at the next junction. It isn't flooding 'cause it restarts straight away no hassle.

Any suggestions welcome

93 Orion cold stalling - David Davies
This is possibly caused by sticking valves if you have the 16 valve zetec engine.Try an oil flushing agent (Forte motor flush for instance) and some fresh 5w30 oil and oil filter. If you have the 8 valve version try renewing the breather valve (located at the rear of the cylinder head on the offside).
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)


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