BMW 518 Cat Pipe Poss Weld? - Reg the Rover
My '93 L reg BMW 518 has just been serviced by a local specialist who advised me that the down pipe leading into the catalytic convertor has split, is blowing slightly and therefore needs replacing. They are quoting £550 + Vat BMW or £350 + Vat 'pattern part' does anyone know if I can get this welded instead and if not what should I go for as I intend to keep the car another 5 years?
BMW 518 Cat Pipe Poss Weld? - Peter D
I would braze/sif-bronze a down pipe that is close to the cat as this is most likely an alloys stainless if the pipe is cracked not along the original rolled seam I would drill a hole at each end of the crack (2/3 mm magnetic dril to collect the bits ) and sif-bronze the crack and the holes. Done this on a Cat casing that still flies through its MOT. goto Regards Peter
BMW 518 Cat Pipe Poss Weld? - Reg the Rover
Peter - many thanks for your suggestion - I'll have a look at the site


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