peugeot 406 coupe - philVRS
Does anyone have any experiences of this car, good or bad as a friend is interested in buying a 3litre SE varient and i know little about them. In particular reliability,performance etc.
peugeot 406 coupe - Phoenicks
Not too bad but the depreciation is savage on the 3.0

Normal Peugeot rattles etc..

0-60 on the 3.0 of about 7.8 with a 145 mph top whack.
peugeot 406 coupe - Jonathan {p}
A friend of mine has one

it suffered from warped disks

extreme tyre wear (tracking has been checked)

lots of envy damage (although he does leave in carparks in manchester and liverpool in the evenings at weekends.

killer petrol consumption

he likes it though



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