Swearing In Posts? - Phoenicks
Why are people censored so much when posting with regards to swearing? It tends to be an everyday part of life and as this site is used by people old enough to drive, have sex and vote whats the problem with swear words?

Just wondering ;).....
Swearing In Posts? - Mark (RLBS)
I could equally ask why some people repeatedly try to swear when they know its against the rules.

Special characters, mis-spellings, punctuation marks etc etc. It is truly pathetic to see how important swearing is to some people and how they feel incapable of expressing their thoughts and so inadequate that they prefer not to try.

Nonetheless, this is a site with standards. Those standards are there to make the Backroom inoffensive, pleasant to be in, and (in my opinion anyway) a model to be held up to so many other chat rooms.

One of those standards concerns the language used.

Do it once and you will get warned, carry on and you\'ll get an ultimatum. Keep on doing it and you will hear nothing, except for the inexplicable loss of the ability to log in and post anything.

I have deleted the rest of the thread, although I thank all of you who replied, since this subject is barely worthy of a school playground and is most certainly not going to maintain any type of existence here.



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