Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - Cheeky
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the Ford 1.25 Zetec engine getting progressively coarse as time goes on. Mine is still fairly new being a 2001 model with only some 14k miles. Regularly serviced (just had its second one last week).
Thing is, remember it being much sweeter initailly - starting to sound more like the aged 1.3 endura.
Noise/coarseness most noticeable at low speeds and idle.

Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - Altea Ego
Well after a previous thread about a noisy MG I would check it has oil! (yes even after a service)
Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - Cheeky
Yes - read that one myself, a little bizarre...Plenty of oil when I last checked it 7000 miles ago

(only kidding)

Noticed a thread on another site which mentions later zetecs had to be tuned slightly differently to come into line with the latest emissions regulations. Wonder if that has anything to do with it..
Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - Blue {P}
With the clutch released I thought mine sounded pretty rough as well, for a 16V engine at least...

I don't think the 1.4 DuraTec in my new car is much better wither, they certainly aren't quiet idling cars. Not so bad once warmed up though...

Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - madf
well my 1.6 has now done 9.5k.. Yes the clutch release bearing is noisy: they all appear to be. Engine tho' is very smooth.. your problem may be dirt on HT leads giving slight tracking at idle (not noticeable at high speeds?) Or perhaps the air filter needs to be changed?
Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - Kingpin
I think the post year 2000 Zetec engines are much rougher - I have experience of a 1998 Fiesta 1.25 which was very smooth and started at the flick of a switch, no misfiring. True to it's Yamaha origins.
Having recently driven a year 2000 facelift Fiesta it's not as refined, can sometimes stall when starting. If you look under the bonnet and compare the two engines you will notice that 1996 to 2000 1.25 have different air box and induction set up with more space around the engine. After 2000 Ford meddled (due to emission regs?) and fitted a massive air filter housing on the front of the engine. I'm sure the later versions are not as smooth due to this.
Also the location of this air box makes removing the oil dipstick a difficult task, about one inch gap between air box and front slam panel. Result - skinned knuckles as the tight dipstick comes loose and you hit your hand.
Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - madf
hmm the dipstick on mine is mounted just to the right side of the air intake manifold and comes out very easily...
Increasingly coarse Zetec 1.25 - pmh
I think the changes to ECU took place somewhat earlier.

I have both a 7/96 (now 80k) and a 6/97 (now 36k) P reg 1.25 Zetecs. (Both effectively owned from new).
The earlier car is (and always has been) much nicer to drive, more economical, and feels quicker. I would guess at 5mpg better, but I only check mpg accurately on longish trips (S of France). I feel that the later car also has more engine braking on the overrun, but this is very difficult to quantify.

The later one has power steering with 165/70 (rather than 155/70) tyres and the handling is definitely less precise. Surprising in view of the mileage figures. Recent replacement of front lower arms on the older one (easier than just rubbers) had surprisingly little effect on the feel steering / handling.

Can some one from Ford throw any light on the ECU changes?
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