Rover 825 Sli Sterling - electrics - Cruise Control
Hi there,
I have just bought a Rover sterling 825 Sli fastback (5 door) 1996 N-reg. @ 79K miles. It is absolutely immaculate but has an interesting intermittent electrical fault. Can anyone hep?
OK - about once a day the electric windows, seats, mirrors and sunroof switch themselves off but only for about 5 mins whilst driving - they always come back on again but it's anoying!
Even whilst off I can still close them all with the 'blipper' if doing the 'lazy lock' thing.
As all of these gadgets are on different fuses - it's a bit strange.
Rover have said that it could be the 'central control unit'?? What and where the heck is that?? Would this cure it? They said that this determines when the switches are available (i.e. ign on/off & timers etc)
Anyone heard of this problem - are they right?
Lastly they asked if the clock stops whils everything is off - it doesn't!
Pls help

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