Renault 5 - Door Trim Removal. - welshy
F reg 1989 Renault 5 , it has the greyish/black very wide plastic panels on the doors. The problem I have is that one of them on the front door is badly cracked and should really need replacing. How do they come off ????? Please dont tell me that its glued on the door! thanks in advance .
Renault 5 - Door Trim Removal. - LongDriver {P}
You mean it hasn't fallen off already????
Renault 5 - Door Trim Removal. - welshy
no it hasnt fallen off , it\'s just cracked and looks awful.
Renault 5 - Door Trim Removal. - Mondaywoe
I'm trying to rack my brains - I did this very job for my sister some years ago. Same problem - cracked trim. I seem to remember they were silly clips of some sort that just fell apart as I prised the panel off. I think I ended up making some home made clips with a combination of nuts and bolts and copper wire through holes drilled in the door (just twist the wire ends together inside the door to pull the trim against the door surface) The copper wire doesn't rust. You can strip some out of a scrap piece of ring mains cable! Trim panels are usually easy to pick up at a scrappie. Use 'Back to black' or similar to blend it in with the existing panels.

Renault 5s (especially 2 door models) are bad for the doors dropping......amongst other things!

Good luck!


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