Dashboard fans - leatherpatches
Bought my car without the £1200 air conditioning option. As we are driving to France soon, I was considering one of those Halfords dashboard fans. Has anyone got one?

They seem quite large and I can imagine they blow around the air quite effectively inside the car. But is it worth blowing around hot air?
Dashboard fans - Hugo {P}
I would probably just open the window, Unless you've got air con I find this the best way to keep cool.

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Dashboard fans - Wales Forester
I'd subscribe to the driving along with a window open theory too.

Here was me thinking the thread was for pople who appreciate the finer points of automotive dashboards! ;-)

Dashboard fans - Wales Forester
add an e to pople plz DD or Mark :-)
Dashboard fans - HF
I\'m sure that PeterPerfect will have some experience of the woeful fans that bus companies insist on istalling in the top right corner of bus cabs in place of proper air-con.

Might as well get as mouse to pass wind in your general direction...


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Dashboard fans - HF
Oh hell - sorry Mark and DD. I've done it again, haven't I? Could have sworn I was signed in as me. I am so sorry.

Dashboard fans - Rob the Bus {P}

Just goes to show the damaging effects of too much Strongbow on a chap.

Jeez I am sorry. The last two posts really were me!

I guess we need a computer each don't we?

By the way, HF has instructed me to tell you that she is furious!


Dashboard fans - Dynamic Dave
I would probably just open the window, Unless you've got air
con I find this the best way to keep cool.

What, even when stuck in a traffic jam? Nope, sooner have a fan blowing air onto me if there's no air con.
Dashboard fans - NitroBurner
£1200 4 AC? Not suprising you did w/o.

Wouldn't bother with the dashboard fan. They look naff and, like you say, just blow the hot air around.

I suggest driving as fast as possible with the windows down!
Dashboard fans - Wales Forester
Those bleedin fans Rob, oh how they used to cool the cab on a hot summer's day in a Metrorider! Aaaarghhhhh!

Someone pass me the emergency hammer, I'll retrofit some air con.


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