Omega 2.5V6 Oil Leak - `piebaps
I have a mysterious oil leak from my 1995 CDX Estate. It has been to my local garage and had the rocker cover oil seals replaced but oil is still leaking in small but regular quantities. It is coming from the top part of the engine and dribbles down to cover the sump. The garage have been unable to pinpoint the leak exactly but think it could be the cam cover.

Any suggestions?
Omega 2.5V6 Oil Leak - Ian J
I thought the rocker cover and cam cover seals were the same thing.
This seems to be a common problem with omega v6 engines
Symptons engine oil around sump , at back on gearbox, smoke from oil hitting exhaust on drivers side, and oil in plug sockets.
Check the above particularly whether you have a lot of oil in the plug sockets particularly on the drivers side.
Maybe the new seals werent fitted correctly. Was the garage a vauxhall dealership. Surely you asked them to fix the oil leak if so surely it is their responsibility.
Check the site there is quite a lot on this issue.
Omega 2.5V6 Oil Leak - `piebaps
The garage wasn't a Vx dealer (Mazda actually) however I have been using them for several years with a shabby assorment of different vehicles. The mechaninc who did the work is a mate and while I got no favours pricewise I am happy that they wouldn't rip me off.

They were asked to fix the oil leak and you are quite right that it is their responsibility.The car is going backon 7 August for the job to be finished. I have just been scouring t'internet to see if I can give them a steer in the right direction.

Thanks to you guys, I think I can certainly give them a few leads so cheers and if you are ever on the Isle of Man, give me a shout for the pint I surely owe!

The car is an M reg and has done 74000 miles. Other than the oil leak it is just fine!
Omega 2.5V6 Oil Leak - Dynamic Dave
found a couple of threads that previously mention this.

IIRC, there was another thread lurking somewhere that also mentioned the gasket material used on the rocker gasket had also changed as previously not up to the job.
Omega 2.5V6 Oil Leak - SjB {P}
When I was running my first of two Vetra V6s, I asked my Vx dealer if there were any weaknesses to be aware of.

His opinion was that when installed in both the Vectra and the Omega, one of the biggest design weaknesses was that the oil cooler was mounted in the vee of the engine, under the plenum chamber. When I asked "Why?", he said that it was because the joints between cooler and feed & return pipes were prone to leaking, and it was therefore a time consuming job to resolve a simple problem.


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