Almera warning light - antonios gubba
My missus has just come home from work rather worried because a warning light has lit up in her car. She has an 02 reg Nissan Almera 1.5SE. The light is situated at the bottom right corner of the speedo and looks like a circle with an exclamation mark inside. With the handbrake on this light glows bright red normally but usually goes off completely when the handbrake is released...but now it stays on when the handbrake is released, although it shines less brightly with the handbrake released.
Obviously its a brake warning light of some sort, but we've just noticed that the big folder she received when she bought the car does not contain an owners handbook! so we can't identify exactly what this light means. We rang the Nissan dealer, but they just said to bring the car in and leave it with them...not really what we want to do if possible cos she needs the car for work.
I've checked the brake fluid level, and that is at the max mark. So my suspicion is that its a low brake pad lining warning? Can anyone confirm if my suspicions are correct? Also, am I allowed to replace the brake pads myself...or must it be done by the main dealer as the car is still under warranty?
Many thanks
Almera warning light - Dynamic Dave
My first thoughts were low brake fluid, but if the reservoir is full, then it can't be that, unless the float is sticking of course.

As regard to worn brake pads, remove the wheels and check. My personal view is that providing you replace them with genuine Nissan pads and leave no tell tale evidence, the warranty shouldn't be affected.
Almera warning light - antonios gubba
Thanks Dave. I'm hoping you're right about the float sticking, cos the missus just rang me and said the light went off for a while, then came back on and is now off again! As the fluid was at the max mark we decided it would be OK for her to use the car at low speeds for today until I've got a chance to poke around with it over the weekend. I'll get the wheels off and check the linings as well. Cheers :o)

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