speed limit signs - Ashley
On my way home tonight i passed a 'home made' sign that read " slow, speed trap" and it was written in black permanant marker on a bright orange board. I stopped just passed the sign to visit someone that is donating a car to a charity transport museum that i am helping out.

The cars appeared to be heeding the warning sign, but usually everyone ignores them and speeds through the village.

My point is : why were people taking notice of a 50 pence worth home made sign, but disregarding the proper speed camera signs ?


Re: speed limit signs - Guy Lacey
Probably because it shows a genuine concern held by a local resident that is respected by the motorists, as I'm sure many of us would have if speeding were an issue near our homes, rather than a faceless revenue-raising initiative that is worthy of no respect.
Re: speed limit signs - Brian
On my route home through one village there is a home made sign with a picture of a fox with the words "Slow Down for Fox Sake".

It wasn't until the third day of going past it that I realised that it was not referring to animals. Oh the innocence of youth (if only)
Speed limit signs - David Lacey
Exactly, Guy

You hit the nail on the head, mate.

We agree?! - Guy Lacey
Thanks "mate"

I think you should stop agreeing with me in public - people will start talking.
Re: We agree?! - crazed idiot
i'd like to know exactly what qualifications these road engineers have in traffic safety in order to be able to determine what is a "safe" speed through their roadworks

I'm afraid widespread use of speed limits that appear to be too low to the public has spread open cynicism

same goes for motorway signs, where plod (or some contractor) often seems to post way too low a speed limit - and leave it up long after the danger has passed

if they improved the accuracy of speed limits imposed with regard to danager etc I'm sure more people would start paying them a little more respect

seems its easier just to stick cameras in and make a few more quid...

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