Renault DCI engines? - Marky Mark
Anyone have any personal experience of the Renault DCI (specifically the 105 bhp version) engines? Looking at this or their 1.6 16v lump for a Scenic we are just about to purchase. I have used Citroens HDI units (90 bhp) & am impressed but have no personal experience of the DCI unit in Renaults.

thanks for any info
Marky Mark
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
Tested the scenic 1.9 dCi when i was choosing the new car. Had a scenic (1.6 8v) before.

Compared to the 1.9 dCi 120 on the laguna, I found it less smooth, gutless, noisy, and not as economical. I know its probably just the same lump with a different chip but it seemed a different beast of inferior breed.
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
Oh, Have to say the 1.9 dCi 120 on the laguna is a thing of awe and wonder, superb engine. The best I drove was the new GM 3 litre diesel lump in the SAAB. That is gorgeous.
Renault DCI engines? - paul45
Agree with you there RF, the 1.9 dCi lump is indeed rather good in the guna married to the 6 speed box, although let down by the rest of the vehicle falling to bits unfortunately. Having said that once you are on first name terms with the dealer, his family and pets it's OK.

Thank the maker for 3 year warranties.
Renault DCI engines? - Dave N
Was at a Renault main dealer yesterday, and he told me they had 17 (yes - 17)new Meganes and Lagunas trailered in last week with dead electrics. Not just DCi's, but gives you some idea of problems they're having with new vehicles.
Renault DCI engines? - BobbyG
Marky Mark, what do you want to know? I have the dci engine in the Scenic and I am very disappointed with it. Can't compare it to the petrol however as I have never driven a petrol Scenic.

I did previously have the RTdti (turbo diesel) Scenic and it was brilliant, average high 40s mpg, great torque, pulling between gears and cruised at 110 in France for 2 hours solid.

I was taken in by Renaults blurb on the super new dci engine and am bitterly disappointed. I get less fuel economy and it feels totally gutless between the gears. I now average about 42mpg doing the same journeys ( I am a sad anorak and have a spreadsheet with my mpgs for my Scenic and Saxo).
The saddest thing of all is that I have went to two Renault dealers to have it checked out and both have admitted, albeit privately, that the engine is not as Renault would have you believe and is certainly no match on the turbo diesel.
Hope that helps although , as I said, I can't compare it to petrol as I have not experienced it.
Renault DCI engines? - Marky Mark
BobbyG, thanks for this. I think you can still get the new scenics (not Scenic II) with the "old" dti engine. I'll see if I can track one of those down.
Marky Mark
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
BobbyG, thanks for this. I think you can still get the
new scenics (not Scenic II) with the "old" dti engine. I'll
see if I can track one of those down.
Marky Mark

You buying this new? Renault have all but stopped production of Scenic mk1's to ramp up for Scenic 2's The only model orderable from factory now is a Fiji. They do 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 petrols, and 1.9 dTi 80 and 1.9 dCi 105. From what BobbyG says and my own thoughts the 1.9 dTi 80 is the beast to go for if oil is your favourite burner.

Of course all the major car supermarkets porobably still have some stock left of other scenic models.
Renault DCI engines? - Marky Mark
Yes, well pre-reg on 03 with 6 miles. Gone for the 1.6 in platinium silver (Fidjii model). Managed to haggle the main dealer down to £11k in the end.

Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
Enjoy then Mark. Had a happy 4 years with mine. 3 long French Holidays, 1 tour of Holland/Belgium. 50k miles, and apart from the lecy sunroof packing up after 8k (fixed under warranty)
never put a foot wrong. Did everything i asked for, commute, holidays, builders van, ikea runs, even slept in it at two British grands prix!
As I say, good luck, enjoy and welcome to a product from "Createur d' Automobiles"
Renault DCI engines? - Martin Devon
I have an 02 renault master 2.2 dci 90 bhp. quite happy with same and goes well. Van always quite well loaded. Have had a few minor niggles and got talking to a young techie at the dealership who said that the electrical probs, (with renault in general), were down to sub standard sub contract parts. (Well he would say that wouldn't he?) I reckon Renault would be brilliant if they could only eliminate these gremlins. Surely it has got to be cheaper in the long run to sort it at source than to keep having warranty claims.

Renault DCI engines? - sean
Speaking as a not completely uninformed poster, may I respectfully request that you look at Renault investment in Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK?

Now please look at investment in Regie Renault, as a proportion. This is truly an eye-opener.

My roots and heart lie in one particular brand.

I'm trying to think of a way of saying "avoid this thing like the plague". I don't want to upset RF. He's an OK guy.

The Renault engine you mentioned went down the common rail route, rather than unit injectors. The steel in the body is very light gauge. The trim is a bit weak and feeble.

I could do with a bit of help here, please, backroomers. Mark and DD would be useful. A couple of helpful mods. Possibly the best on the boards I've used.
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
Thank you sean, you are a nice man too, and very knowledgable about lots of automotive bits and amusing and witty with it sometimes. However in you eyes if it wasnt designed in Wolfsburg its carp, sorry my friend you are too blinkered to be objective and reliable with non VAG products
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
OH and sean Renault bought most of Nissan because they were going bankrupt, and a financial steal.
Renault DCI engines? - sean
RF, you are right.

I put my heart and soul into my work. I cannot bear anyone looking at what I have done and giggling. I am a very easy wind-up for HF and such.

All I'm trying to say to you is that the Regie spent a lot of money buying Nissan and that depleted what they could spend on engine development.

There are some fantastic innovations now. Delphi introduced a lot. They are contracted to "F". You know my feelings on them, but the whole idea of multiple squirts of diesel into a flame is superb. After knocks. Quieteners. All that.

We have Regie blokes here, now. They are coming to Wolfsburg, with me, soon. We have Berndt Pichestsrieder's project 1 to deliver.

He's been to see me. A gentleman. I'm surprised.

You would, truly, be amazed at who visits this site, you know.
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
Well either way Sean, all I know is that the 1.9dCi 120 lump in my Laguna is a lovely engine to use and live with (specially mated to the 6 speed box - is that a nissan box?) I still wonder tho why in 105 form in the Scenic the same engine feels such a dog.
Renault DCI engines? - BobbyG
Maybe a bit of a silly question but can I get my 105 engine upgraded? Is it a case of getting it chipped or something?
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
BobbyG, not at all silly, and yes it can be chipped. There was a big thread on here about chipping diesels, with a link to the site that did them. I distinctly remember the 1.9dCi 105 being on the list.
Renault DCI engines? - BobbyG
Thanks RP, don't know if it would be worth the £500 odd quid they are quoting though!! Wonder what SWMBO would say about that? I could give her a complicated formulae saying that the improvements in fuel consumption would justify it, although I think I used that one originally for justifying buying the diesel!

Renault DCI engines? - OldOiler
We have a 120 dci lump with a tunit lump uprates to 145bhp - still allows cheap road tax!.
Still bought it dispite HJ comments, but if you read about Audi, VW and BMW in "car by car break down" I would not by ANY car - and at those inflated prices.
It would be interesting if HJ did a % break down for all the cars against volume sold in the UK - this might show a better picture.
Renault DCI engines? - LongDriver {P}
I've had two Renault Laguna II 1.9 DCI Dynamique's on hire this year - have doene 12k in one and 6k to date in the other - that's 1000 miles per week - and I've noticed the following problems:

2nd gear - there is definitely a problem with this.

Sometimes the car just refuses to start (NO, it isn't in gear, before you ask)

The exhaust system was on the verge of falling off on both Lagunas after about 5000 miles - nearly all motorway as well.

The radio reception in them is appalling..Renault - please put the aerials on the roof, not on the window!!!

Dashboards - don't touch the dashbaord - you will tear it!! THe vinyl on the dashboards is sooo fragile. No good at all.

Fuel consumption...I continually average 37mpg...can't get any more out of it. Same on both cars I've had this year.

The alarm system is too sensitive. My cars are parked in a car park which 40ft artic tankers go alarm goes off every time one passes. Same on both cars..

I could go on....
Lagunas - NitroBurner

Think you must have had rogues, unless I've got a really good one!

42 mpg is no problem; nearly 50 on a good run!

Not had any of the other problems you mention.

Have you got feet made of lead?
Renault DCI engines? - OldOiler
Whilst I agree with some of your comments, it is still a good unit.
I reported the 2nd gear problem to HJ, but I still cannot get Renault to accept it - only happens when the g/box is mpg I have been unable to get lower than 38 mpg and that at 90+ believe your lumps were out of tune??
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
three thousand miles up

Never got the thing below 39 mpg average over a tank and I do have a lead foot.
Radio reception is very good
Dashboard vinyl is fine
refuses to start? happened twice, take out card put it in again - Fine. I know the problem. Its after the alarm has been triggered so I assume it working as designed.
second gear fine
Exhaust? mine still on
Alarm? yes agree its a tad hair trigger

If you hate them so much, get something else
Renault DCI engines? - BobbyG
Just had a thought RP, if it is simply a case of chipping the 105 to the 130, will Renault not be able to provide a chip for this?
Renault DCI engines? - Altea Ego
BobbyG, In theory yes Renault could supply the chip from the 120 for the 105. (assuming as I do its the same lump). However I think this would be unlikely.

Firstly I assume the ECU chip is not a standalone part but part of a complete ecu assembly

Secondly I doubt they would fit a laguna ECU into a scenic

thirdly (and i am on safe ground here) I bet it costs more than a third party chip!
Renault DCI engines? - BB
SWMBO had a 1.9 DCi 120bhp delivered approx 2 months ago. It was a company car, so we did not have to worry about servicing or repairs.

Averages 45mpg
No major problems with the keyless ignition. Sometimes the card has to be inserted, but it has always started.
No problems with 2nd gear.
Radio reception quite good.
Alarm goes off when someone breathes on the car.
A few minor niggles (indicator fell off!)
No problems with interior trim.

As a VW owner (may I add that my next car will be non VW) I was very suprised at the megane as a package. It is frightfully quick for a diesel and will leave by 110bhp Passat for dead. While it is not as economical as my passat (I can average 60mpg+ on longer motorway journeys) it is an all round good car and would recommend the diesel unit and the megane to anyone who is after one.


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