Mercedes Roof Boxes - Armitage Shanks{P}
Is there any way of attaching a roof box to a car which does not have roof rails or 'gutters' in which, in the old days, the feet of a roof box frame could stand? It is a Mercedes that I am interested in but as many cars don't have rails and none have gutters the question has a broader application. Thanks in advance for comments or ideas.
Mercedes Roof Boxes - JohnM{P}
On a Passat, for example, roof bars have rubber coated large feet which sit on roof and clamp onto door frame/seals.
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Mercedes Roof Boxes - Tim Allcott
Thulle (swedish?) do a range of bars with feet 'tailored' to particular cars. They are not cheap but look good, and are very easy to fit and remove. They also have a locking kit available. You can get a smart silver aerodynamic pair. Halfords may well have their own equivalent, which usually look a bit more 'workmanlike'.

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