Best buy for £20k - LongDriver {P}
Having just opted out of the good old company car, I've got £20k to spend on a new, ex-demo or car supermarket car. I do 40000 miles per year, mainly motorway and A-Road. I will be keeping the car for 3 years/120000 miles (ouch!). Running and purchase costs will be funded by employer's car allowance, the ususal 12p per mile for fuel, plus tax relief etc.

What do you forum-contributers think I should buy?...Answers on an email.

Best buy for £20k - Vansboy
Wonder how tempting the price of a diesel X type will be?Maybee a couple of pennies more, could get you into one?

Best buy for £20k - DavidHM
A fiver less, in fact, at list price.

The 2.0 petrol X Type is disastrous for fuel consumption and company car tax, which is why my cousin was able to pick one up for £17k, with metallic (but not much else - manual with cloth). You should be able to get some kind of discount (try ) but not £3k.

Worth a shot but personally I'd either go for a supermarket Mondeo-a-like at £14k, diesel, loaded, a new BMW 320d ES for £21k, with three years' free servicing, or a nearly new Audi A6 TDi 130 estate if you need the space. Or maybe some kind of people carrier if you really need the space. I seriously doubt you could get into a Volvo V70 diesel for less than £21.5k, and then in an unpopular colour and spec.
Best buy for £20k - peterb
You'd love driving and being in the Lexus IS200. Only downsides are:

- high-ish on company car tax (like the X Type, that's the price of the extra two cylinders)
- need to rev it hard for brisk acceleration (tee hee hee).

A good alternative might be the A4 1.8T (although extras are expensive).

If you don't want a "prestige" car, the Mazda6 is highly rated.
Best buy for £20k - DavidHM
Okay, in my last post I was talking about the same price, less powerful diesel X Type where some discount should be possible ( has £880 off). £17k petrols should still be in the dealer system with tiny mileages.

Also, as LD does 40k per year, I would strongly suggest that he buy a diesel and not a petrol. The difference is likely to be £150 a month in fuel. For me, that alone would rule out the Lexus.

Oh and the free servicing on the BMW is only for 60k.
Best buy for £20k - Altea Ego
Dont forget he is opting out of company car, so tax based on emisions and p11d value dont count. With 40k miles a year I would opt for diesel as well. SAAB 3litre diesel is my fave.
Best buy for £20k - DavidHM
At this money, I tend to agree with you RF.

Hope this works:
Best buy for £20k - Altea Ego
At this money, I tend to agree with you RF.
Hope this works:

Yup, thats the monkey. puurrrrrrrrfect
Best buy for £20k - El Hacko
more irritating downsides to the Lexus 200: it doesn't have reach adjustable steering or trip computer readout; large rear speakers' edges annoyingly reflect in screen; rear screen angle collects lot of rain drops; no spectacles holder provided; boot entry too narrow; disappointing mid-range performance; and on the auto, the centre arm rest is so short it should be renamed an elbow flap. Love the car for so many reasons, but (as stated in another BR thread earlier) I wouldn't have another Lexus cos I miss traction of front wheel drive and am happy to go with "corrupted" steering (as HJ describes it).
Best buy for £20k - matt35 {P}
If I did not have the X Type 2.5 petrol, I would go for the new diesel - the torque figures and the reports I have read are very good and the performance is something else for an oil burner.
At 120000 miles, you should just about have it run in after 3 years.
Best buy for £20k - Maz
Longdriver - when you're out do you drink Heineken and the cheapest wine? Of course not.

I say forget the penny pinching puritans of naff liquids. They'll have you discussing MPG and torque over a pint of mild before you know it.

Remember instead the aural joy of the petrol injection engine, best enjoyed with vintage whine of a turbocharger.

M'Laud, the only way to leave these do-gooders behind is a Subaru Impreza Turbo.

Stay happy!

Best buy for £20k - Kevin

40K a year on motorways ?

£18K on a two/three year-old XJ8 and £2K on an LPG conversion.

Comfort, Performance and Prestige with the equivalent of 40mpg.

Best buy for £20k - bigboyq

I am in the exact possition, but I am thinking of appoaching it in a different manner.

I was thinking for going for such expense, but thought it was just vanity in buying a new car. My thought process would be a 2-3 yr old Merc diseal, and spend less. Or I have found both the Saab and Volvo have the most excellent seats.

You can pick up an s60 with around 30k 2yr old for 12k. Keep the car for a year and change then the depreciation will not effect you. Also after 12months I get really board with a car, since I spend upto 12 hours driving it.

Also book your holiday as you will be expection a 5k tax rebate!

Best buy for £20k - Rojer
Merc diesels last and last and last .. you could get and old E250D (from the old series which just introduced the double round headlights (1995-6(?))) for about 8K but it's not very interesting or the newer(and newest) diesel E-series which is better and FAR more livly than you'd think. Quiet too.

OR There are modern diesel S320s to be had. Even a 200,000 milage is not a lot. If serviced. A lot to be replaced though. Even though things don't go wrong.

NO NOT .. EVER .. get a S-Class Merc LPG conversion. Ask the experts. It's not a good idea.

Good luck.

PS I got an old W140 S280 'cos I hate the new shape and 280 petrol is (marginaly) cheaper to run. No diesels in the UK in that shape. Nothing to complain about yet other than A/C condensor to replace. BETTER than I imagined. Everyday it seems better and better in fact ...
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Best buy for £20k - LongDriver {P}
Any more suggestions? The £20k is sitting patiently in my bank account!
Best buy for £20k - Maz
Any more suggestions? The £20k is sitting patiently in my bank

Yes, check Spoiler hasn't nicked it!
Best buy for £20k - Phoenicks
A4 tdi
BMW 330 (if poss)or BMW 320d
VW Passat tdi
Golf tdi

Usual fare but quite good residuals at the mileage you'll end up at and nice cruisers.
Best buy for £20k - hootie
Am watching with interest as I strongly suspect Mr H will be in the same position within the next 12 months. If he remains commuting by train though we also remain stuck with the car on the drive and no chance of upping the mileage to the 60,000 leasing cut off before the 3 years is up next June) :(

Would be tempted to sell my car and use his, but if we do that then it's 10-1 the office will unexpectedly announce something that puts a spanner in the works.

It must be good to have a free choice of what you drive though.
Best buy for £20k - DavidHM
Any comments on the suggestions so far?
Best buy for £20k - DavidHM
Any comments on the suggestions so far? (That was aimed at LongDriver, sorry for the double post).
Best buy for £20k - Cheeky
£20k could also get you a very clean, newish Audi A6 or even A8. All engines and specs are good accross the board (not the 1.8T in the A6 though - underpowered especially if auto)SE spec and up very good. Once the initial depreciation is over they make a sound buy. Quiet, understated luxury, good dealers, brilliant motorway cruisers that can take high miles. 2.5 TD a gem if you are a diesel fan.
Only real downer is servicing costs.

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