Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Hugo {P}
Well done Ben - I see from the classifieds you sold the motor yesterday. Did you get a good price for it? Where did you advertise it? Was it an easy sale in the end?

Do let us know!

Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - leatherpatches
Rumour has it that it went to some pushy chap - a doctor or something.
Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Hugo {P}

No, that was the rubber car, that kept bouncing back!

Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Ben {P}
Yeah nice guy popped over last night with the cash and bought the car. Wasn't put off at all by the small crack in the bumper etc.
I got him a brand new key fob which cost me £35 to save any confusion like last time. I used the AA "contract" for private sale in the end, as it looked a bit more "official" than one i might have made up myself. No deposits this time!

Sold it for 2750. The guy appeared happy with the purchase. I didnt think it was expensive for a 98S that drove well.

Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Rob the Bus {P}

No offence, but thank God you've finally sold that damned Mondeo! Now perhaps the rest of us will finally have some room in the classifieds section ;-).

Seriously, what are you buying next? And I hope that you will be prepared to sign one of those AA contract thingies when you decide on the car that you want.......!

Best of luck


"Lord of Lard"
Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Ben {P}
I will probably buy my next car at auction. I have bought my last two cars from BCA Newcastle.

I was insured under my dad's name for 4.5 years, plus i hit a lampost at the end of jan. I didnt claim, but still declare it, which puts my premium up slightly. So insurance is a factor.

I wouldnt mind a Nissan 200sx, but the insurance would be crippling for me.

HJ has recommended a Seat Ibiza Gti- either an older 2ltr 16v, or a later 20vt cupra if i can afford it. I liked the sound of this, but if i went for a 20vt with the amount of moeny i have it would be quite leggy, which would make me worry about cambelts etc, particualrly with HJ's info that these things can snap "early".

Saw an Almera gti at blackbushe auction a while back- i bid but it went to high for me. But i wouldnt mind a decent one without the body kit.Worry with this one, damage to gearbox from boy racer abuse. Good point should be able to afford a good late car for my money.

306 gti-6 looks good, but i would be paranoid about boy racer abuse and crash damage.

So the sensible option looks like a focus 2ltr ghia (group 8!) (would prefer Zetec but dont think budget will stretch). Or a 60k mile 2000V Mondeo Zetec estate i have been offered. Made an offer, waiting to hear if it has been accepted. Offer was low so im not that hopeful. It would be handy as i have a lot of stuff to move between houses in a few weeks up north.

Suggestions welcome, might have up to £4.5k to spend. Just nothing too silly insurance wise (ie group 17 and over).

Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Rob the Bus {P}
Hi Ben

Go for the Almera!

My brother test drove one a while back and loved it. He was rather put off by the 'old bloke' image though. Mind you, he does now drive a 406 HDi... ;-)


"Lord of Lard"
Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Hugo {P}
My dad drives the 306 GTI 6 and is very pleased with it.

I suppose that this has the danger of being labelled an old codger car since my dad at 75 years young can be seen running around in his!

He is actually quite a sedate driver but even he was surprised one day when he looked at his speedo and it said 100mph. "I thought everyone was going a bit slow today". The engine was doing about 3000 revs in 6th gear!

If you're thinking about one of these get an AA inspection for the mechanics etc- oh and look over it very carefully - you wouldn't be the first to spot a whole load of defects just after you bought it now would you?!

I assume you got a better price for the car than you would have from that doctor?

Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - Ben {P}
I got an extra £50 back it on it compared with the price i agreed with the doctor.

I'm not worried about image in the slightest- i drove a VW Jetta 16v for nearly four years.

Not been convinced in the past about AA inspections. If i did buy a 306 or Almera Gti i would look very carefully. My heart would certainly be beating hard bidding on one of these at auction!
Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - hootie
Glad you sold the car in the end Ben, and it all worked out well. Let us know what you get next, and good luck with it, whatever it is.
"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Ben Chapman's sold his car - Yippee! - MS
Not been convinced in the past about AA inspections.

My Mother-in-Law bought a Golf a few years back from a dealer.

I checked it over before she bought it and I could see that parts had been resprayed (small overspray on rubber, subtley different colour under rubber etc.)

She had an inspection by a motoring organisation who declared that the car had not be resprayed.

Sometime later the paint peeled off...

Value my car