Mondeo key fob - Ben {P}
Just a note for anyone in kent/se london who needs a new key fob or an existing one reprogrammed. I bought a new key fob for a mondeo i sold today from Locks n\' tools in dartford. They supplied a new fob, swapped the chip over, and programed the car to recognise the key for £35 all in. Telling the car to accept the key turned out to just be a case of twisting the key in the lock a certain number of times, then pressing the button on the key fobe.

I only had one key for the car. I was told by ford i would need a second master made up etc etc. They would have charged me 170 VAT.

If you have no working remote fobs the above named place said they could also make up a master key from scratch for about £70 (prices varies slightly depending whether the car has a two or three key system).

Just thought i remembered a thread where others had had a similar problem.

Decided to buy a new key fob for mondeo i was selling. Approached ford, they wanted 170 VAT for a new key fobe programmed to the car saying i had to have a extra keys made up, despite the battery in my key still having some charge in it, and all parts of the system working except


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