Can I speed up my 115bhp passat? - Halmer
and how much will it cost me please?
Can I speed up my 115bhp passat? - DavidHM
Most Passats have three pedals in the driver's footwell. Some, so called automatics, have only two. In either case, the right pedal will make the vehicle faster. Luckily, if the car is a diesel, it shouldn't cost you too much.

Assuming you have the 115 bhp pd engine, not the 115 bhp 2.0, you should be able to chip it for about £400, giving you 140 - 150 bhp and even more torque. I think Wetterauer and AMD are among the specialists and I'm sure others will be able to advise on more.

If you have the 2.0 8v, 115 bhp engine, then there's not much you can do. You might be able to squeeze out an extra 10 bhp, but you'd spend a fortune and your insurers would most likely either refuse to cover you or increase your premium, when all the time you could just trade it in for, say, a 1.8t.
Can I speed up my 115bhp passat? - Halmer
Not much I can do then.

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