Diesel rev limitter - cabsmanuk
Would a 1998 1.9 TDI (90) Sharan have a rev limitter and how does it work?

Diesel rev limitter - Altea Ego
All diesels have a rev limiter. On later engines with electronic injection this is done by the ECU electronics. On earlier type engines this is done by a mechanical governor. Not sure about your specific engine but it will be one of those two ways.

Either way the effect is like hitting a brick wall when you meet the governed rev limit.
Diesel rev limitter - sean
Well, it is governed by the ECU, but why would you want to rev it up anywhere near this?

You notice where the red band starts on your rev counter?

The governor doesn't come in, from memory, until about 4800 rpm, well into the red.

Your engine thrives on torque.

Change up and waft along on the effortless power at around 2400rpm.

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