Schadenfreude - X5
SO my mate Jon takes delivery of his brand spangling new Mercedes SL500. First Saturday, he spends all morning doing the wash, chamois, yellow duster routine so it sparkles like a toothpaste advert. Afternoon he takes in the Cheshire Polo match, and on his way home, warm and sunny early evening and with blonde trophy girlfriend at his side, he decides to pop into his local country pub for a swift pint. As he draws into the car park, he is confronted by not just one, but two, other brand new SLs. And not just the 5-litre V8 cooking version like his, but both the top-of-the-range SL55 AMG dogs pink fluffy dice machinery. \"Nobody even looked at me\", he complained. \"How is it that I can roll up in a 75 grand motor car, and come away feeling like the poor relative?\" He had a quick half, went home to watch the telly. Didn\'t look at the car again till Monday morning (he says).
Schadenfreude - lordwoody
And the point is?
Schadenfreude - Dan J
The subject title :)
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and the moral is, if you're going to splash the cash on a smart car (not a Smart Car) go the extra mile and buy a Good Pub Guide too. I'd have gone somewhere else (with a bigger beer garden) LOL
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