Sidelights (Skoda Fabia Tdi) - Pab
I own a one-year-old Skoda Fabia 1.9 Tdi, with which I'm absolutely delighted - 28500 trouble-free miles to date. However, there is one little niggle: the front nearside sidelight bulb keeps failing - about once every two weeks. It's easy (and cheap) enough to replace, of course, but I can't help feeling that there's an underlying problem which I'm too unmechanical and dim to diagnose, but would appreciate any thoughts on. What I have noticed is that, almost immediately after replacement, the new bulb burns much less brightly than the offside one, with which I have no problems. Any thoughts appreciated.
Sidelights (Skoda Fabia Tdi) - sean
When it goes, my friend, what colour is the glass?

It's not black, is it?

If so, you have an earth fault.

The earth link back is ineffective. Simple as that.

Lovely car, lovely engine. one of mine. I worked at Wolfsburg on it. But no, it's a Skoda.

Oh yeah!

No, it's mine. VW. Sean

Write back.
Sidelights (Skoda Fabia Tdi) - Pab
Yeah - it's black! Anything I can do/ask to be done to stop the irritation? Thanks so much for your helpful reply, Sean.
Sidelights (Skoda Fabia Tdi) - sean
The power feed back to earth is inadequate.

If your car is 1 year old, won't your dealer sort it?

If not, look at the bulb holder.

I think you have a capless bulb. Determine which of the 2 wires is live when lights on, and which is earth.

Clean earth return with fine emery board.

Follow wire back to headlamp connection block and check return is clear.

Value my car