Parking at public events - smokie
Festival of Speed last weekend - 90 minutes to get out of car park. Tonight, open air Bootleg Beatles concert near Reading - 40 minutes.

Why can't organisers organise these things better? Both times I'd really enjoyed the event, both times it was marred by the time taken to get away.

btw before anyone suggests otherwise - I stayed very calm both times, and queued patiently, and didn't shout and scream about the drivers who are smarter than me that made their way along the back of the field to push in in front of us mugs who queued politely.

And I'm still not ranting. Just hoping that if any organisers of anything are reading this thread, that they bear this in mind.
Parking at public events - Jonathan {p}
40 to 90 minutes, that's a breeze.

Try leaving Glastonbury Festival at 1pm Sunday, you won't be moving until at least 5pm!

This year was better than others though, in previous years some people have queued for 10 hours and had to be pulled out of the mud.

Parking at public events - none
Be nice to be the only one there.
Parking at public events - Andrew-T
Listening to these horror stories, it feels even nicer to be one who wasn't there. If driving conditions continue to worsen, only those people truly desperate to attend these junketings will do so.
Parking at public events - Rob the Bus {P}
>>only those people truly desperate to attend these junketings will do so.


I may be misinterpreting your meaning (and if I have then I apologise), but are you really suggesting that someone who has saved up hard to be able to attend a motoring festival/pop concert/classical performance is in no way better than one of our wonderful high profile business men (or indeed women) who allegedly enjoy top class hospitality at other peoples' expense?

Hardly fair, eh?


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Parking at public events - sean
And that's nothing, what about the folks who were in cars!
Parking at public events - hootie
LOL @ you Sean

There was a festival of War and Peace locally this weekend, think it was War vehicles, trucks, tanks etc etc - the car parks were absolutely packed solid. I'm just not into crowds right now, gave it a miss.

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Parking at public events - martint123
There aren't many (any?) venues that can cater for, what, 80,000 people and their cars - and have access to multiple motorways to get them in and out in five minutes.
Parking at public events - pdc {P}
U2, Roundhey Park, 1997. Concert ended at 2330. Finally got back to Manchester at 0530!

Tina Turner, Alton Towers, about 1998, 4 hours.

Airshows are just as bad.

Think yourself lucky you only had a 90 min wait.
Parking at public events - cockle {P}
I must give credit for most improved exit time from a car park to Leeds Castle. I've been to the Open Air Proms there for the last twelve years, along with about 18,000 other people, normal exit time 50 mins to hour and a quarter, this year slightly modified system and we were actually on the M20 20 minutes after getting in the car.
Credit where credit is due, they really deserve a pat on the back.

Let's face it, it must be an absolute nightmare to get any semblance of reasonable traffic flow at some of these events, everyone wants to arrive at the last minute and be the first to get out of the car park at the end.

Parking at public events - Cardew
Disney and other theme parks in Orlando show exactly how it can be done. The way they park cars and move people is little short of amazing.


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