Best car advert ever VW - automaticallyuk
Has anyone seen the new VW Polo advert ? Based on the Land of the giants. Brilliant!!! Makes me want one. Best car advert ever.

Best car advert ever VW - Pugugly {P}
Was very good - different.
Best car advert ever VW - automaticallyuk
I like the way the cat is struggling over the old mans shoulder trying to get at the woman or is it the toy car he is after? When I first saw it I thought it was the Lupo. Pure Genius VW!
Only seen it twice, bet it will be a favourite.
Best car advert ever VW - bertj
Pity the car isn't as good as the ad! New Polo last April, already had a new gearbox and two front seats!
Best car advert ever VW - martint123
Nah, I think it's still the NZ Toyota 'fluffy dice' one.
(bit slow for a modem, loads mpeg movie - 4 or 5 mins at 56k)
Best car advert ever VW - Flat in Fifth
Off topic I know, has anyone seen this Fosters advert where the bungee jumper hits the water only to have a crocodile snap at his head?

Just seen it the once and couldn't make my mind up if it was a setup or what.

The punchline goes something like, "you'll have a headache in the morning mate!"

Now wondering if I dreamed it.
Best car advert ever VW - Marc
VW adverts suck. Who do they think they are - BMW or Mercedes or something. "You'll want to keep it that way" etc etc. It's a VW remember, the german "people's car" not a prestige marque.

Up their own backsides I'd say
Best car advert ever VW - sean
Not a prestige marque?

Oh really?

Not exactly the same people who bring you Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Audi, Skoda, Seat and 16 prestige engineering consortia?

Times have moved on since 1945, my friend.
Best car advert ever VW - hootie
No you didn't dream it. Daughter No 2 and I were laughing last night about how if they were clever, it'd be closely followed by the Tizer "Refresh your head" advert that gets played on Saturday morning TV


On a general note about adverts (inc cars) very few of them excite my interest, they're too patronising. However, I do think the newspaper advert for MG (their website address) is intriguing, and possibly going to lead to fireworks? anyone seen that?

"Appearances can be Deceptive"
Best car advert ever VW - sean
I thoroughly enjoyed the advert.

It lifted me from my annoyance at reading another advert in the "Mail" yesterday. The Telegraph comes home, and we were away for the weekend, so I bought a change.

Anyway, I noticed an ad for a Daihatsu Charade. It read:

The most fuel efficient hatchback in the world**

No, it's not, I thought. Wonder what ** means?

Looking in the small print we see:

**The most fuel efficient 4/5 seater petrol engined car in the world.

Not the same thing, at all.


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