Audi Radiator Leak - Wally Zebon
The radiator or one of its associated hoses has sprung a leak on my '93 Audi S2.
The ccar is already booked into my local dealer for a different job on Thursday next week (24th).

Can I simply keep topping up the coolant resevoir with tap water until it goes into the garage, or should I look at getting it fixed sooner?

I have no idea where the leak is coming from, and I'm not technical enough to trace it.

Audi Radiator Leak - sean
Hello Wally,

Yes, you can keep topping up but you're weakening the antifreeze (I know it's the middle of summer, i can tell 'cos the rain's warm! ) and components in the antifreeze help to inhibit corrosion.

It might be a loose Jubilee clip, or one of those nasty spring ones.

It could be a leaky weld where the hose stub meets the rad.

What I would do, is stick some Barrs Leakstop, Holts radweld or Wynn's (something or other) in there and seal it.

If it was a loose clip, you've wasted £2. Sacriledge, I know.

If it fixes a small crack or weld, you're Ok for 6 or 7 years.

Good luck.
Audi Radiator Leak - BB
I had a radiator leak on my 97 passat. I poured in a can of radweld and now seems fine. Give it a go, may save you from carrying around 5 plastic bottles full of water in your boot!
Audi Radiator Leak - volvoman
Agree - try the Wynns stuff it looks very good and if in doubt you can contact their helpline. Juyst do a search on Wynns.


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