Advice needed re: Dealer and 02 V40 - pettaw
Advice needed on how to tackle the dealer re: this problem. The Brake Fluid warning light came on last week. Opened up the bonnet and the fluid level was below MAX but above the MIN level. About at the MIN-Clutch level actually (about 1 inch about the MIN mark) anyway. I noticed the float thing that detects the level was stuck down so I jiggled it and got it to float up again.

I've just got back from the dealer, where they say that fluid was leaking out of the seal at the bottom, so they've tightened it up - funny that because its just a push-fit- and refilled the fluid level.

The float thing still sticks down if you push it down and you need to pull it to get it to float back up again, and it certainly shows signs of being dirty, which it shouldn't be on a 9 month old car.

In my opinion I think they should have replaced the reservoir, but how do I convice them to do it? And will this fault recur with the level hard up to the MAX level. I guess time will tell, but is there any way to make them change the reservoir?

Help please,

Is it just because its warranty work that they won't change the reservoir or am I being too cynical?


Advice needed re: Dealer and 02 V40 - Altea Ego
The chances are this wont reoccur while the level is at max, but if you want piece of mind then:
you rebook the car in for repair, stating they havent fixed the problem and the light is still on. Just round the corner from the dealer you pop out and push the float down, then drive to the dealer, where they will find the float down and do something to fix it.

Generaly dealers are not reluctant to throw parts at cars during warranty, it costs them nothing, and the labour is reclaimed the manufacturer
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Hello pettaw,

I'm not familiar with your particular car, but the float is part of the cap on many designs. Is yours like that?

If so, it's a 2-minute job to unplug the cap and fit a new one.

If it's part of the reservoir, as I think you're saying, it's a much bigger job.

Drain reservoir
Remove old one, fit new one
Fill will new brake fluid
Bleed the brakes
Replace any snapped off bleed screws (nipples, really, but software here might edit that!). The screws can sometimes shear off when you try to undo them.
Check and roadtest the vehicle

So, if it's the latter, you can see why they're not keen.

But, brake fluid level is a safety critical feature.
You need to be able to rely on the light.
Tell them so.
You really do want this fixing.

I like Renault family's tip. I'd agree with doing whatever you need to get it sorted. They are fully paid for doing warranty work, you know, it's just one of those jobs like changing a lightbulb in the middle of the M6. You know, £3 for the bulb and £3 million for shutting lanes, 20 contractors....
Advice needed re: Dealer and 02 V40 - pettaw
thanks for the replys. I'm always in that particular dealer buying parts for my ageing 300 series cars that we still run in the family, so I know the parts people quite well. A quiet word in their left ear seems to suggest that there was a problem with the brake fluid reservoir part order. Either it didn't come in or the wrong part turned up, so they may have just filled it up and sent it away again cos they didn't want to keep the car in?

The guy will hopefully give me more details next week when the techies are in the workshop.

I might give the float pushing down thing a go.



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