Pug306 tacho intermittent - solara
Has anyone experienced problems with their tachos on a Peugeot 306.

Mines is a 93 turbo diesel, and it appears to work intermittently, usually flicks on at higher revs, and cuts off at lower revs.

I have had a look at the hall effect sensor attached next to the flywheel and the wiring to the connector appears fine. I am guessing it's the hall sensor at fault. Giving it a clean has helped somewhat. If anyone has had similar experiences and fixed the problem, I'd be glad to hear from you . Anyone now the rough price of a new hall sensor?

Pug306 tacho intermittent - Ross_D
I had this problem with my '95 DTurbo and I simply replaced the sensor. I got mine from GSF and it was £12.50. (Its listed under Citroen Xantia/ZX speed sensor) Tacho works fine now, no problems at all. It seems to be quite a common problem with the XUD engines.


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