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Hi, 99% sure I need to replace the battery in my 2013 Seat Alhambra 2l Tdi with start stop, have trickle charged it a number of times and it's not holding charge even after 50/60 mile run. Current battery is Exide TU3 EFB 79Ah, 720A (EN/SAE/GS), from all I've read I should replace with same or better, I'm open to going to an AGM battery and have found a Bosch battery that I think I'm happy with. Appreciate it will need recoding, will be asking a garage to install. Only thing is I've also read that I should go for a battery with at least the same Ah as current, this seems impossible, I can't find a EFB or AGM with 79Ah or even 75Ah. Would appreciate any advice on implications of a lower Ah on performance/battery longevity or if I've not thought this thru correctly. Many thanks

Seat Alhambra - Battery replacement advice - elekie&a/c doctor
Looked on Yuasa battery list . Lists a YBX 7115 type which is 85 ah and 760 cca . Perfectly adequate for your application. Or an Exide el 752

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