Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - wonderwheels
driving to work a couple of nights ago on the motorway. Sitting at 70mph, the power disappeared from my car. It wasn't in danger of cutting out, but there was no "oomph" when the accelerator was pressed. Basically the turbo seemed to have gone. Started the car this morning and it's OK again. Dealer says the may have trouble diagnosing the problem if it isn't present on the car when I put it in but have to admit, quite scary if it was to happen during overtaking. Spoke to VW technical and they suggested there may be an issue with the air flow meter. Anyone seen a similar problem before??
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - bertj
Any 'breakdown' in the engine should have been recorded in the ECU memory. Insist that the VW dealer plug the car into their diagnostic equipment. If they won't diagnose the problem go to a dealer that will. Presumably the car is still under warranty. I had a similar problem with a 115 bhp pdi; it was caused by a sticking turbo wastegate actuator.
Incidentally, how did you get to speak with VW technical? I've tried several times and customer services insist that that VW technical will only speak to dealers; any queries must go through you local, friendly, VW dealer!
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - David Lacey
Manufacturer Technical depts are for Dealers only -- otherwise they could be on the phone all day answering all sorts of questions!

I'd expect the fault to be stored in the ECU's memory. I'd probably ignore the fault and continue driving and see if it reappears.

It does sound like an EGR valve or turbocharger wastegate (intermittant) fault.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - wonderwheels
I spoke to Customer Relations, who in turn, put me on hold while they spoke to Technical. The car is booked in for Friday, so I will see how it goes. I'm afraid I'm not going to ignore the fault. I hate the car. I have had one problem after another and it definitely isn't what I expected for my money. My car has been in and out of dealers approx 10 times in the last year. This is the latest problem. Thanks for your help.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - sean
Hi Wonderwheels,

Please have a look at the post I made a couple of days ago about the Passat (petrol) in the Discussion Forum.

I think I called it "doing it yourself"

I took it from "Car Mechanics".

Good reading, even if it may not help you. It might though.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
There is an issue with the induction system on these and other VAG products. I have one at the moment which needs a new airflow meter. It is on back order until August!
If your dealer is unhelpful find a good independent who has access to the full VAG-com diagnostic kit.

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Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - xylophone
I had exactly this problem with my Audi Avant, after 140,000 miles, so took it to a Bosch specialists, who did a machine diagnosis, the values of which indicated an air loss to the engine, whereupon they found a hose pipe (looks like a bicycle pump connector) had chafed out a visible hole; as soon as that replaced, no more problem.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - JohnM{P}
See the post 'VW Golf problems' of 20 June...
You are not alone! (Turbo change cured my problems.)
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - wonderwheels
Thanks for all the replies. Car went into my local VW dealer today and guess what.......? They found nothing wrong with the car. They didn't find anything with the diagnostic check. Should I be surprised at this and seek a 2nd opinion?. To me this fault appeared quite serious when it happened.Luckily I wasn't overtaking at the time, but why hasn't the ECu stored details of the fault. It seemd as though the Turbo had completely gone.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - CCCTech
It possible that your MAF (mass air flow) sensor is faulty. In some cases this can cause the car to go into 'limp home mode' and thus disables the use of the turbo. Did the car run normally after this incident or only after you restarted it the next day or whatever ?
A faulty MAF is more evident at higher speeds because there's more air travelling across it.
It's also highly likely that this didn't show in the faults stored by the ECU as for some reason this component often doesn't.
Tell your garage you want to try a new MAF, it'll not be the first time they've had to do it !!!
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Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - wonderwheels
The fault did occur at around 70 mph. It ran like a "bag of spanners" for the rest of the journey (approx. 3 miles). It only disappeared the next morning when I restarted the car after work.Thanks for the help.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - Nortones2
WW: have you tried cleaning the MAF? Might still be some tips on Freds. As a long shot, consider water in fuel: examining fuel filter would show this. Drain and replace filter if necessary. Cheap things first in the absence of intelligent diagnosis by VW. Odd how they seem to be stumped despite hundreds of failures of MAF, apparently.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - JonL
Hi CCC - I'm experiencing a similiar problem with my Passat TDI 90. It has a gradual loss of power which eventually culminates in me pulling over. After restarting the engine - its fine - for a while! Could this be the MAF? or A hose breakage? Needless to say it didn't misbehave while in the garage but the mechanic thought it might be the MAF, but at £180 plus labour I want to be sure!
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - JohnM{P}
In the course of my TDi motoring, I've had several MAF's replaced, all after the performance had gradually degraded over a period of time (weeks, not hours). (Being overtaken uphill by a BT van suddenly makes it clear that performance has dropped off!). Never had one fail suddenly (touch wood) nor recover after switch off. Also, techicians at VW dealer said that TDi 'limp-home' mode really is slow - not 70mph max that my Golf suffered...
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - Kevin43
I have a similar problem with a 1998 Golf 1.9GT Tdi 110BHP, it loses power within a few minutes of "decent" running on a fast road - OK for longer round town. Been to the main dealer and no diagnostic codes showing. Changed the AMM to no effect, changed the ECU to no effect. Their next suggestion is to change the Fuel Pump at a cost of many hundreds of pounds. I would welcome any alternative comments before I am bankrupt! It is not going into limp-home mode as it will eventually get up to speed and will rev to the red-line off load, but it feels just like someone has turned the turbo off like a switch - it is a sudden change, not gradual. Apart from this problem, I love the car and would happily but another...
Did you ever get to the root cause on the Passat?
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - wonderwheels
My problem was a "one-off" to a certain extent. The Dealer found nothing. However after my problem I felt the car wasn't pulling correctly. Put it back in this week and have been told it needs a new Turbo. Not actually convinced that this is the problem, but it is under warranty and I am more than happy for them to carry this work out.I believe that the symptoms of my problem are more likely to be caused by the wastegate sticking (causing turbo cut-out due to overpressure) or the MAF. However I'll go with the most expensive solution 1st. I'm so glad that VW have this 3 year Warranty or I would be skint.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - Gregory P
I bet it is something to do with the pump. The car mechanics magazine saw many articles where this has been the case on diesels, inc a passat and cavalier.
Passat 1.9TDI (130) lack of power - jonf
I've had this on my Passat Tdi110. It was just after I bought it. After 280 miles on the motorway I pulled out to overtake a van and trailor and the turbo stopped working. A bit alarming, would have been potentially fatal if overtaking on single carriageway. I called the dealer, who basically didn't give a monkey's. The RAC, however, got to the bottom of the problem. The loss of pressure to the turbo was caused by a loose jubille clip on one of the turbo pipes. As the engine had got hotter and hotter, it expanded just enough to alow the pressure to drop to normal atmospheric pressure, hey presto, no turbo. Once it cools it tightens up a bit and the car works again. Check all the pipework on the turbo system and you'll probably find that the prat who assembled the car did not tighten something up properly. Because this is not a 'failure' it is not recognised by VW diagnostics, and, of course, when I took my car into the dealer on my return they said nothing was wrong. What was wrong was the fact that the dealership (VW franchise) had clearly not checked the car at all prior to sale. The message is clear - don't buy a VW.

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