Cambelt change 306. - Rocket
I have just been reading the posts from the \'Snapped Belt\' thread and it got me thinking.
The cambelt in my 306 was last changed 30,000 miles ago,is it due for been changed????
Cambelt change 306. - Rocket
Forgot to say that its a 97 TD.

Cambelt change 306. - David Lacey
Every 72000 miles it's due as per the Peugeot service schedule; change it at 48000 to be on the extra-safe side.
Cambelt change 306. - sean
Depends how many years old.

Have you been sitting in traffic jams for half it\'s life?

Get the picture?

Up to you really. The belt costs £11 at German, French and Swedish. If it snaps, another replacement diesel engine will be £800.

Can you do it yourself?

Nothing in life is easy IMHO, and neither is this, mate.
Cambelt change 306. - Dan G
I agree with David. 48,000 miles (to be safe), and about £110 at a local garage. Personally don't think it's worth bothering DIY at that price.

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