Fluctuating Revs - Mac 74
I recently noticed that my rover 214i has a sudden loss of power when accelerating hard in second and third gear. As the revs get to about 2500 they suddenly slip back to around 1000. This only happans occasionally and doesn't happen if i advance steadily.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas what this may be? It drives fine otherwise and the gears are not slipping.

Fluctuating Revs - Hugo {P}
I would try an injection cleaner to begin with, you could have a partially blocked injector. If you haven't already done this it won't do any harm.

Also make sure you haven't got any loose connections (HT leads etc).

3rdly, what about fuel lines? Have you an in line fuel filter? If so, is it clogged?

That's all my ideas - anyone else?

Fluctuating Revs - David Lacey
Sounds like an ignition problem to me, plugs, HT leads, distributor cap & rotor arm being the favourites here..
Fluctuating Revs - Mac 74
Thanks for replies

How easy would it be to have a look at these problems? I've no technical knowledge of cars.

What, if any, damage can i do by driving it like this until the next service in a few months? It's irritating but manageable.

As i'm skint i'm also bothered about the cost of getting the garage to have a look.

Any expensive parts that may need replacing?

Fluctuating Revs - buzbee
I doubt the ignition argument, but we shall see. I put my money on a petrol problem.

A good test for an ignition problem is as follows. Take the car to about 50mph, lift off to minimum throttle for that speed (be on a level, or slightly decending road) hold that for about 5-10 seconds, stamp on the throttle and see if the engine misses. (If the fuel filter is blocked it will eventually lose power and so this could confuse the test. Hopefully if it is not ignition it should at least start to pick up without missing)

Why do this test ? The first part will cool the plugs. The full throtle will demand maximum ignition voltage. Thus if anything is likely to flash over it will happen under that condition.

I used to design experimental ignition systems in the old contact breaker days.

Full cylinder pressure and cold plugs demand maximum voltage to get a spark across the plug/s.

Tickover cruising speed causes exhaust polution of the combustion gas and needs the maximum acceptable plug gap if the engine is not to miss now and again, because the mixture is hard to light and the electrodes extingush the flame before it has spread to the rest of the 'gas'.

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