Sounds of a 306 - novicejon
Does anyone know what size the speakers are in the side doors of a 306 and what the set up is in there?i.e is there space for components? Also the newer versions have a control stick for the radio next to the steering wheel, is there anyway of making that stick control different radios? I have a sony radio that I would like to install once I have the car.

Thanks for any help
Sounds of a 306 - IanT
It's easy to check the 306's front door speakers yourself since they are covered by a piece of trim which is just clipped in place (certainly true for pre-1996 and probably true for later).

But DO NOT prise the trim at the bottom front corners, or you will break a clip off.

Sounds of a 306 - IanT
Just noticed that my previous advice isn't much use as you haven't got the car yet!

My 1993 306 has 6inch speakers (measured across the diameter between the mounting screw holes). You can't fit larger speakers in the allocated space. Although you could possibly fit some small components in the door cavity near the speakers, the weatherproofing is poor, and it's not likely to be a good idea.

You can fit an alternative radio in the non-standard-shaped hole in the dashboard by using an adapter plate which is readily available (so I'm told). No idea how you would connect it up to the steering wheel control - my guess is that you can't.

Sounds of a 306 - Mike200
The control can be connected up using an adapter which is available from halfords (as long as the stereo being installed is compatible with a wheel mounted control). Just unplug the control from the old stereo, plug in the adapter, then plug the other end of this into the new stereo. Facia conversion plates are also available from Halfords, but in limited colours so you'll have to get the best match.

As for speaker size, I would try to stick with the original sizes because larger ones mean cutting the inner door panel about, or relocating parts inside the door, and if you get larger ones in diameter wise, will you get them in depth wise??

Just spend some money on some decent ones of the proper size. I bought some faily decent 2 way 13 cm speakers for my car, from the Pioneer TSE range. Only cost £70, but they sound really good.


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