AA v. RAC. Advice please - Railroad
I'm thinking about joining for me and the wife. I don't do that many private miles, and don't venture away from home that often. I don't want home service or replacement car, just roadside service and recovery.

Which one is the best or are they the same, in which case I'll go for the cheapest?
AA v. RAC. Advice please - Armitage Shanks{P}
Excuse me asking but why limit yourself to just these 2? There are many others and they seem to just do breakdown and recovery as opposed to the 'Big Ones' who are selling insurance and loans and travel facilities etc! Britannia Rescue are very good and Direct Line do well in surveys although, as you know, they do have other business interests but they don't seem to interfere with the efficience of their breakdown service. Please let us know who you finish up with and why you chose them.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - Railroad
Thanks for that, I didn't even think of any others so I'll give it some more thought. I can't stand pushy salesmen trying to cross sell so maybe I will go for Direct Line or Brittania.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - StuW
Personally i'd say the AA most of my family our with them and they've always been prompt and efficient when we needed them, my aunt and uncle were in the RAC and didn't have a good experience with them when they had to call them out. May have been an isolated incident though but they didn't want to go back to the RAC after that. AA have been good for me when i got my car stuck in mud (don't ask!) they happily came and pulled me out and when i left my interior light on and flattened my battery again they came jump started it for me free of charge. You said that you don't venture far from home and i'm pretty sure the AA will only come out if your over a mile away from your home, maybe worth considering because i don't know if the RAC have the same policy.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - DavidHM
If you don't venture away from home much, home start is probably worth it. With the RAC, it applies within a quarter of a mile radius of your home - any closer and you're expected to get out and walk otherwise.

I am (I think, haven't checked if the policy has renewed) with the RAC and they were excellent on the two occasions I needed to use them.

As for which one to go for - I don't think any of the services is noticeably worse than the others; certainly there are horror stories but they all seem to be the exception rather than the rule.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - hootie
How about checking your insurance company - mine does a breakdown recovery policy - this may work out reasonable for you if yours does too (or look into it if renewal time is close)
They just call out whoever is nearerst to you when you break down, it may be one of the big names, or it may be a local franchise/garage - doesn't matter so long as they come.

Having said that, I've never had to call on it anyway, so it's only been there for peace of mind.

(seem to see lots more AA vans out and about if that helps any?)
AA v. RAC. Advice please - drbe
Which? magazine - an independent, not for profit, no ads. taken organization, published by Consumers Association - recently (November 2002) tested breakdown services and the AA were head and shoulders better than the others - that is RAC, Britannia and Green Flag - on response times, roadside repair rates, performance and satisfaction.

These results were from 18,000 questionnaires sent to Consumers Association members.

Don drbe
AA v. RAC. Advice please - owen
have had to call the AA out several times, and they have been excellent every time - prompt service, they send you text messages to update you on their ETA, and they do a lot more at the roadside than i expected too.

I don't know how the cost compares to the others, but i don't intend to find out, such is my satisfaction with the AA.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - commerdriver
might be a consideration, the reason we stuck with the AA, apart from no complaints about the service, is that you get an AA patrol the vast majority of the time rather than some unknown from whatever garage It just makes me feel a bit safer if its my wife calling them out whhen she's on her own. Dont know what the percentages are of own staff/ garage staff or whatever for the smaller organisations.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - Peter
I know that the AA also provide a good back up service with both legal and technical advice, do the other suppliers have similar services or are they just dedicated to recovery?
AA v. RAC. Advice please - HF
Never had breakdown cover before but have just taken out an RAC policy which was on offer when I took out my insurance for an extra £5.50 per month. Now, who's going to tell me that I've just been ripped off?
AA v. RAC. Advice please - DavidHM
Well HF, depending on the extent of the cover, you're either paying interest on that policy at about 50%, or you've had a very good deal. Can't say which though.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - HF
Well reading through the documents the cover sounds pretty good. Not having had it before, I'm not sure what's standard and what isn't, but it seems to cover everything I'd expect it to do.

So I'll satisfy myself with the fact that, for once, perhaps I have finally achieved a good deal!
AA v. RAC. Advice please - DavidHM
Basic cover is about £43 and covers you for roadside repairs only. Then there's home start (within .25 miles of home), recovery (gets you home, rather than just getting your car off the hard shoulder), and European cover - which I doubt very much that you have.

Anything above the basic and you've done fine.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - HF
Cheers David - put as briefly as possible I have:

Roadside repairs;
Towing to nearby garage or a closer one of my choice if cannot be repaired immediately;
Home repairs, plus towing to local garage if cannot be repaired;
Transportation for me, car and passengers to destination of my choice if break down on road and cannot be repaired.

No European cover, you're right.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - DavidHM
Woohoo! HF, you had an excellent deal. Makes up for those wiper blades.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - HF
Wow, fantastic!! Now all I have to do is hope i break down so I can get my money's worth ;)

(Note to car: Not really, dear, not really).
AA v. RAC. Advice please - Dipstick
The one big difference with the AA is they cover YOU, not the car, I believe. So if you are travelling in someone else's car and it breaks down, they'll sort it. I think they're the only ones to do this; all the others, including the RAC, cover the car. Which is perhaps a problem if you're a two car family.

I could be on drugs as I write this (been with the AA since 1983 so may be a tad biased, especially as they give me things like "relay plus" and "home start" for free cos I've been with them so long) but I don't think I am.

AA v. RAC. Advice please - DavidHM
Sorry, you are taking mind altering substances. The upside of this is that it proves you have a mind in the first place.

A lot of companies (e.g., Direct Line) cover only the car, but with the RAC, personal membership is at least available. Mine depends on me, not the car.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - Dipstick
La la la, what pretty elephants. Sorry, will insert blather resist device in appropriate orifice with immediate effect.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - novicejon
The RAC are doing a deal at the moment, if you buy over the internet then you get £5 discount and joint cover for free, alternatively you can ring;0800029029 and quote DT0221. I did hear a story once that someone broke down called out the AA who started to tow them and then they broke down! So the AA man got out his RAC card but as I said it was a story. In my experience the AA has been fine, I had a very temperemental car which broke down regularly and they never had any problems coming out or towing me home up until the sixth time when you have to start to pay then the car was fine!
AA v. RAC. Advice please - Pugugly {P}
I'm with the RAC....they do a £25.00 per year rebate if you don't call them out in a 12 month period. Not had to call them out for any reason for about 4 years (Clutch cable broke in a colleague's car, lost me £25.00 that year.) If you go to Which on line I think you can access certain reports buck-shee.By the way an RAC card is a good way to get discount in an American Motel (usually 20%) Possibly on the basis that if you are a member you must be a Prince or Lord or something.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - HF
Goodness, two things spring to mind here -

First, is this £25 rebate standard with the RAC? Doesn't mention anything like that on my documents but it's a nice idea.

Second, is it normal for RAC, AA etc to offer discounts when two people are with them instead of just one? Reason for asking is that, having recently taken out my RAC policy, HWMO has just told me he's joining the AA. Bad move?
AA v. RAC. Advice please - Mattster
I\'ve had both RAC and AA (and another one called the ETA, I think?). AA have always sent AA patrols, RAC and ETA sometimes sent the local cowboy. One was grumpy at being called out in the early hours and wrote something about \"taking the pink fluffy dice\" on his report!

At £80 for the full recovery package, it\'s pricey (don\'t know how that compares), but at £100 to cover the missus and myself - and we do drive 2 cars - it seems reasonable.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - flatfour
My wife broke down at our local supermarket, 6pm she called the AA, three phone calls later at 8-45pm a local garage arrived with thier tow truck, they had been sent by the AA, they spent an hour trying to fix the car, then towed it to our house because all the garages were shut. In the morning I phoned the AA, they wouldn't tow it to a garage and sent out a patrol, he was excellent and noticed the wifes key was falling apart, then he found a little microchip in the footwell, ah, phew! thats the problem sir, put the key back together and its gone fine since. The moral of the story is if you get an AA patrol your ok, if you don't you get a cowboy who's vunder contract and the longer the job takes the more money he gets paid. He was also contracted to the RAC, Brittanic, Green Flag, and Direct Line.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - PhilW
Been in RAC for 10 years now and because I drive Citroens I've not had to use them (OK, OK I know what you are saying!) However, daughter (Renault Clio, radiator damaged by a stone) had to call them out when returning to Uni, she also rang me and since she was only 20 mins up the M1 I went to her too (dark winter's night). I got there and RAC man was already there (on a very busy Fri night at about 7pm) - not a bad response. By the way, with RAC you also get a 20% (or is it 25%?) discount on everything you buy in Moto service stations - including Burger King, magazines, sweets, newspapers, sandwiches etc from the shops. It almost makes a sandwich and cup of coffee affordable! Regular service station users might find this quite a bonus. (However, I still take my own sandwiches!!)
AA v. RAC. Advice please - PhilW
I pay about £200 per year for 4 cars (me, SWMBO, son, daughter) and have the full works including European cover. Sounds a lot but £4 a week for peace of mind (especially for the other three) I reckon is worth it.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - eMBe {P}
I am with the RAC (over 10 years now). They give full cover for me & wife in ANY car as passenger or driver, plus cover for one named car with ANY driver in that car, for about £110 (after the £25 no call-out discount. I have had to call them out only once (to my home), but they failed to solve the problem and I found the fault myself in the end. At renewal they wanted to charge full price. I protested that they had not solved the problem on the call-out. They then gave the £25 discount. So I am sticking with them.
AA v. RAC. Advice please - HF
eMBe (god it was easier when you were just MB!) -

Is it only because you have been with them for so long that you have the ANY car option? I'm sure I'm only allowed to apply my policy to my Astra.

My former question has disappeared into the ether now, but please can you tell me whether RAC offer discounts for duel membership or not? From what you say it sounds like they probably do? Is it just one of those things that they don't bother telling you unless you bother to find out?


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