Speeding fines - Sean Madden

I have received my summons for a speeding offence today. I was caught doing 88 in a temporary 50 zone on a motorway. I’m a guilty and accept that. I’ve been given the option to please guilty and accept a 33% reduction in the fine. 2nd option plead guilty go to court and plea mitigating circumstances and hope to get punishment or reduced even further on top of 33% discount. Or plead no guilty which is a no brainer I won’t be doing that.

According via online sources my offence comes under a Band c offence and will be charged 150% of weekly income. I earn about 14k a year so that works out at just under £450.

My question is should I expect I higher fine seeing as the Max is £2500? And should I plea my mitigating circumstances that it’s a first offence and my good character?
Speeding fines - bazza

No point in doing anything other than taking the hit, and accepting the reduction. You'd need a good solicitor to argue "mitigating circumstances", whatever they might be, if there are any at all! You were shifting and I did think that you were obliged to go to court to explain it, but take the hit and offer if it's there!

Speeding fines - maxime

Plead guilty by all means. Take your punishment and slow down for your own sake and othetrs.

Don't forget to tell your insurance company.

You can also expect a short ban!

Speeding fines - Manatee

I agree. I assume you have not been offered a fixed penalty, and that the court will set the fine? Presumably if you plead guilty by letter then you get a third off whatever the income-based fine calculation says?

I'd like to think you can't get a ban without going to court. Another reason not to go.

Speeding fines - ExA35Owner

Mitigation would need to prove that you had a good reason to exceed the speed limit - and that's likely to be accepted only if it's life-or-death. Mitigating circumstances are not things like, "I have a clean licence" or, "Visibility was good" - nothing like that will have any bearing.

If - and this seems unlikely - the court decides a ban is appropriate, they would adjourn and summon you for sentencing. If you then fail to show, you could be banned in absentia.

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Speeding fines - barney100

Take the hit. If David Beckham had been caught doing that would he get the pro rata fine? be enough to build a hospital.

Speeding fines - chris87
Not much you can do, pay and learn your lesson. The fine is irrelevant, the points on your licence will cost more than the fine in the long run.

Future tip: motorway roadworks are ALWAYS properly monitored. Never drive more than speed limit + 10%. They’re different from the average speed checks in cities which 9 out of 10 times don’t work at all.


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