Towbar for VW Passat - Cambridge
1995 VW Passat CL estate.

Anyone got any recommendations on towbars for the above car?

I think I remember seeing a fancy one that has a removeable ball.

What should I pay for supply and fitting?

Thank you
Towbar for VW Passat - jc
Try Towsure;you'll find them on the net.
Towbar for VW Passat - Malcolm_L
I had a towbar fitted to my Passat by GTI towing at Hatfield, cost about £170.
Electrics work fine and has never given any trouble - it hasn\'t got a detachable ball but the last 18\" of tow bar and ball are detachable (by 4 bolts) from a mounting plate under the bumper.
It stops you barking your shins when loading the boot!
Towbar for VW Passat - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I recommend Towsure as well.
I got their latest euorpean spec towbar , with the last section easily removable. I only use mine to mount a removable Witter cycle rack. Think towbar was ~£130 fitted but the on-line catalogue has full details.
Service is excellent if you can make it to Sheffield.

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