Fiesta 1.8D H Reg Starting Problems - Rox
I'm having probs with my Fiesta! It's a Fiesta 1.8 Diesel H Reg - recently MOT'd.

It has real trouble starting (hot or cold). Sometimes it will fire first time, sometimes second or more. Every now and again it won't start unless you push it a little. (Yesterday I only had to push it two feet and it started).

The car turns over very strongly, the battery is charged up fine (we had a problem with the alternator belt a while ago and it was completely recharged after that incident!) The starter motor still sounds strong (although it isn't happy at all this starting lark!)

I took it to our local garage and they couldn't find a problem. They changed the fuel filter anyway and checked for air leaks in the fuel pipes by replacing them with clear pipes, but found nothing.

They suggested I take it to a diesel specialist (who I rang and they said "it could be a number of things" and "we don't have any bookings available for two weeks") Not exactly helpful. I live in the middle of nowhere and it is my only transport.

What can I do? I'm at the end of my tether - I'm skint (paying out for the garage to look at it and not fix the problem doesn't help) and I don't want to take it elsewhere in case I get ripped off. I'd like to know the options/potential problems before I get hoodwinked. Maybe a little knowledge will keep the bills down!

Can anyone recommend a garage in the Leicestershire area which is reliable and reasonable for this sort of thing?
Fiesta 1.8D H Reg Starting Problems - Cambridge
Replace all four glow plugs.
They are a common cause of starting probs and are not expensive.
Fiesta 1.8D H Reg Starting Problems - Rox
Replace all four glow plugs.
They are a common cause of starting probs and are not

Sounds like good advice. I've had a look around, and glow plugs seem to vary enormously in price (from £3.99 each upwards). Any ideas on a good reliable brand that isn't too expensive?

Where's the best place to get them? Is replacing the GLow plugs a relatively simple job (that I could do myself) or is it best to get an expert in?
Fiesta 1.8D H Reg Starting Problems - Cambridge
I would just wander into Halfords, or what ever your local car bits place is, and get what they recommend.

Replacing them is very easy. They look like spark plugs and will be somewhere near the top of the engine.
Disconnect the electrical wire and unscrew them from the engine block. You will need a spanner/socket.
Fiesta 1.8D H Reg Starting Problems - madf
before you replace all 4, you can test them easily. Just remove them one at a time, reconnect the wiring, switch on ignition and earth the plug against the engine . (wear gloves as they get very hot!)

If they are OK, you will get a glow. If not, then they are faulty.

(at least that's what I did on my wife's P 106D and only bought 2 saving £10.. The old 2 are still going strong after 2 years later:-)

Mind you I was brought up in Aberdeen:-)
Fiesta 1.8D H Reg Starting Problems - Rox
Well, the glow plugs are fine. I took it to another garage and he said the injector is extremely worn. He upped the fuel mixture, and it starts a little better (after about 6 seconds of it turning over - which seems like an eternity!), although it did need a push start again today. It seems worse in really hot weather. Could there be a fuel issue? Are there any additives that could make the fuel mixture even better for the starter?

Unfortunately he said that the injectors cost upwards of £425 - is this right? That would make the injector probably worth more than the car!!

Any ideas?
Fiesta 1.8D H Reg Starting Problems - David Lacey
Check for air leaks from the diesel filter head and associated pipework...thsi will give the exact symptoms you have here.

It could also be a worn pump spindle (the bit the throttle cable attached to on the pump) allowing air in....about £100 to fix IIRC

Is there any diesel on top of the injection pump, indicating a spindle leak?


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