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Mondeo wheels - Smithy
Came out of the flat this morning - first thing I saw was a Mondeo (Y reg) on bricks - all 4 wheels gone - can I suggest Mondeo owners invest in some locking wheel nuts if not fitted as standard!
Re: Mondeo wheels - Andrew Hamilton
Remember this has been discussed ages ago on this site. Car owner found dealers offered only one type of locking key. Made it easier for the thief as no other variants were used. Recommend cheap car alarm instead!
Wheel nut "keys". - David Woollard
In my latest trade tool offers list there is a set of four..."things" I'll call them that will enable me/anyone to remove any locking wheel nut fitted to any car.

A bargain at around £30. Of course "the boys" already know what they need for each type of car so the locking wheel set only slows them for moments if they want your wheels.

Re: Wheel nut "keys". - Rubberduck
They were lucky they got them off. I knew somebody with a Vauxhall with dealer-fitted locking wheel nuts on alloy wheels and when the tyre had to be changed it had seized on solid with corrosion between the alloy and the wheel it was a long drill off job. The keys were useless they just snapped off. Luckily car was a company one.
Re: Wheel nut "keys". - John Slaughter
The other snag, I believe, is that the thieves assume that the wheel nut key is in the boot, so not only do you lose the wheels, but the boot also gets jemmied open.


Wheel nut key locations. - David Woollard

Yes the boot or the drivers door pocket every time.

Re: Wheel nut key locations. - Ian Cook
Not just wheels, chaps - face off radios too. Apparently the pond life will nick any face off radio with a fair assumption that the panel is in the car somewhere. Or if it isn't they go round Halfords etc. and nick one from their display model to mathc the radio they've nicked from your car.
Re: Wheel nut key locations. - Mark (Brazil)
You can buy them here, still shrink wrapped from the maker, sold openly in the markets, about $10 per.

Now if they are available openly here, I have to believe that they are available, at least on the black market, in the UK.


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