Value of my 1999 206 1.4lx - simonjc
I'm trying to price my 206 1.4LX 5 door with air con 1999 (v)and 17k miles. I've looked at the valuations in Glass's online, Whatcar and Parkers and the prices they are going for in Autotrader and exchange and mart. There appears to be no consistancy between any of this, with prices varying between £4750 and £5600. What price should I pitch it at? Is £5500 too much?

Value of my 1999 206 1.4lx - Hawesy1982


I dont really know much about the going rate for 206's, but the majority of automatic free valuations on websites take into account an assumed mileage of 10k a year ie ~40k on yours. As yours has a mileage of less than half that i would assume that as long as it is in good condition you would be looking towards the higher end of that price band
Value of my 1999 206 1.4lx - DavidHM
IMO £5k is a lot to be asking for a close to four year old supermini when a new one (but not necessarily a 206) can be had for about £8k with almost the same spec.

However, it is a 206, a car so cute that it defies the normal laws of economics and small automatics are generally bought at a premium so I reckon £5250 should shift it, at least as a starting price with a bottom line of about £5k.

The fact that it is very low mileage probably won't help you to shift it. Most people on here don't like low milers at all and certainly wouldn't pay a premium over so called 'average' miles - it's not as if cars have a set limit of 100k and then they die. Age will get them too just as effectively.

Oh and irrespective of the mileage, FPugSH is an absolute must on this car.

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