on car wheel balancing - biggdigit
Does anyone know of a firm in Sheffield,Rotherham or chesterfield that does on car wheel balancing,thankyou in advance.
on car wheel balancing - v8man
At the expense of sounding stupid, why do you want to do this? Wheels are balanced primarily to counter the fact that tyres are not perfect.
on car wheel balancing - Cliff Pope
Balancing a wheel and tyre off the car is only balancing part of the rotating mass, but is adequate for most purposes. For really perfect balance the whole thing, hub, bearing, disk,drive shaft, together with wheel and tyre need to be balanced on the car. I imagine that is what bigdigit is after. Having done that it is important to mark the studs in some way so that if removed the wheel always goes back in its original position.
on car wheel balancing - ajit
Am not sure why, but my Peugout 309 SRi (same wheels as a Pug 205GTI) could only be balanced on the car - some thing to do with the offset or something like that. Bleive me it is necssary - A clod tried doing it off car and spent half an hour on each wheel - the wheel looked as if it had black tumours growing from it. Wheel never got balanced so had to searth that extra mile for an on car specialist. If I'm right ATS have th facility.
on car wheel balancing - jc
It can't be done(well not easily) if your car has anti-lock brakes.
on car wheel balancing - Dynamic Dave
It can't be done(well not easily) if your car has anti-lock


Why would you need to apply the brakes while the wheel is being balanced?
on car wheel balancing - jc
With one wheel stationary and one spinning for appreciable periods it can confuse the hell out of the ABS system.
on car wheel balancing - biggdigit
Ok ajit,thanks for the info will try them.
on car wheel balancing - biggdigit
cheers Cliff,you hit it on the head,I like everything to be spot on,everything well balanced.
on car wheel balancing - wemyss
I once watched on car wheel balancing being done.
With one wheel being jacked up, the drive shaft seemed to be spinning at an extreme angle and wondered if any damage could result from this.
on car wheel balancing - AlanGowdy
Don't get me started. My car's done 6000 miles and the tyres are holding up well, but I'm dreading having to get them replaced eventually and having to suffer a vibrating steering wheel at motorway speeds. Why-oh-why can't tyre dealers balance the wheels to the same standards as the manufacturer on the production line? It's not rocket science..... or is it?
on car wheel balancing - Railroad
There are two ways that a wheel can be out of balance. Side to side (lateral), or up and down (dynamic).

An off the car balancer will correct lateral disrtortion by in effect splitting the wheel down the middle. A weight is applied to both sides of the wheel to correct if necessary.

An on the car machine or finish balancer corrects dynamic distortion. With a pickup placed under the suspension close to the wheel the wheel is spun in the normal direction of rotation, and if there is a heavy spot it will act on the pickup and a strobe lamp will flash. Under the strobe lamp the spinning wheel will appear stationary. A gauge shows how heavy a weight is needed. The position of the valve under the strobe lamp is noted. The wheel stopped and rotated by hand until the valve is in the same position it appeared under the strobe lamp.

A weight is placed at 12oclock and then spun again. If the weight appears before 12oclock the weight is either too far that way or too heavy. If after 12oclock it is too far that way or too light. The procedure is repeated until either the strobe lamp doesn't flash or the gauge reads zero or near to it. Weights are applied to the front of the wheel only.

This method will also balance the driveshaft, brake disc and hub.

So have the wheel balanced off the car first, then without disturbing any weights have them finished balanced.

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