Passat Loss of power - JonL

I have a Passat 1.9TDI(90) which has suddenly had a loss of power. Acceleration has really dropped in all gears. Its booked in at MD for a diagnosis but I was wondering if it could be a busted Turbo. How could I check?
Passat Loss of power - Marcos{P}
My freinds Passat had very similair symptoms the other week, as if the turbo had stopped working.
It turned out to be a little rubber hose that had perished, some sort of breather pipe.
Unfortunately my freind is away on business so I cant ask him exactly what it was but if I speak to him in the next couple of days I will let you know.
Passat Loss of power - Autochondriac
I had the same problem with mine, a mere 1.9 td. If you find a little servo with a vacuum pipe going in and another coming out, on to the wastegate ( diaphragm operated thingy above the turbo) test this for leccy supply at high revs and if this is ok see if you get suction from the pipe which joins the wastegate. If not then your wastegate isn't opening. I'm replacing my little servo "changeover valve" at VW ( £23.25) and hope tomorrow will see a rennaissance for this, the most dissappointing and newest car I've ever had.


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