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astra gte wiring/fuel - Matthew
i have recently bought a g reg astra gte with a fuel problem i have investegated and found out that the amps from the battery are not getting to the fuel pump, i had disconnected the fuel pump and had it running so its not that. i was woudering if a relay had gone or something but i dont have any knowledge on these cars. can someone help??????????????
astra gte wiring/fuel - Dynamic Dave
Have you checked the output from the wires that feed the fuel pump? IIRC, the fuel pump lives under the rear offside of the car, between the spare tyre well and rear wheel arch. It\'s not uncommon for these wires to break after a number of years of living in all the muck and sawdust that gets thrown up onto them from the road. You might have to end up having to replace the corroded wiring by tracing the wires back into the boot and cutting and inserting new wiring.

For reference, I believe the fuel pump relay lives behind the kick panel in the drivers footwell.

Silly question, but I take it you\'ve checked the fuse?
astra gte wiring/fuel - Matthew
I have checked the fuse and i was looking for the relay the serves the fuel pump but not knowing much about the Astra GTE do you know were there might be some refrence to a wiring diagram for the whole car?
astra gte wiring/fuel - Dynamic Dave
do you know were there might be some
refrence to a wiring diagram for the whole car?

A Haynes Manual will cover all the wiring diagrams.
astra gte wiring/fuel - Matthew
is there any were on the net i can get it?
astra gte wiring/fuel - DP
If it's the relay acting up (which it usually is), you tend to get a feed to the pump when the engine is turning over, which dies as soon as you return the ignition key to position II. Does the car actually fire up when you crank it over

On the mk 2 Cavalier I had, the relay was mounted under the bonnet on the passenger side suspension turret on its own, not in the fuse / relay box where you would expect it. Dunno if the Astra is the same.

To be honest, rather than test the thing, I just went down the breakers and found three relays of the right type on various cars. Paid the man a fiver, took em home and tried them. First one I fitted did the trick and it ran OK for the remainder of the time I had it.
astra gte wiring/fuel - Matthew
no i just keeps turining over with no avail
astra gte wiring/fuel - DP

Your best bet if you don't have the wiring diagrams (I binned my Cav manual years ago unfortunately) is to find the pump relay and unplug it. Take it down to a breakers and find a replacement (or a few, ideally). As far as I remember the relay is a Bosch part anyway, not Vauxhall, so you can find similar ones on most fuel injected cars of the same era. Check the pin numbers and the little wiring diagram on the relay case to make sure you get the right one.

Then just swap 'em over and try it.

astra gte wiring/fuel - Dynamic Dave
no i just keeps turining over with no avail

As previously asked, have you tried measuring the voltage output from the wires going to the pump? You mentioned you took the pump off to test it, but nothing about testing the wiring.
astra gte wiring/fuel - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Fuel pump relay on the GTE is same place as cavalier, on N/S suspension turret on a metal bracket bolted to the coolant tank.
Beware , even if it is clicking while cranking, the solder joints inside fail and no power gets to the pump. If you are handy with a soldering iron you can fix it by carefully resoldering the circuit board, especially where the legs of the solenoid go through.

Simplicate and add lightness!
astra gte wiring/fuel - Dynamic Dave
Fuel pump relay on the GTE is same place as cavalier,
on N/S suspension turret

Andrew, slightly confused here. On both my Mk2 and Mk3 Cavalier's the fuel relay was situated in the driver's side footwell, behind the plastic kick panel. I can remember a couple of relays situated on the suspension turret of my old Mk2, but IIRC, one was for the headlight wash wipe system, and the other for er, um, can't rightly remember at this time of the morning.

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