Mini One ECU - OldOiler
Does anyone know if you can fit/swop a Cooper ECU into a Mini ONE???
Mini One ECU - mmm-five
My first question would be why?

If the difference between the Mini One and Cooper power outputs is down to purely the ECU then the answer is maybe!

There could be issues with the engine immobiliser if the ECU is coded to the engine!

You could get it 'Superchiped' to 120bhp though!
Mini One ECU - OldOiler
Well, it could be a cheap way of upgrading superchips is around £500.00.
re coding is one of the easyist things to get around - when a dealership is doing it!
Mini One ECU - sorrera
Not sure about swapping the ECU, but Clarkson on TG advised people not to bother with the Cooper, just to buy the Mini One and get it chipped as that was the only difference.
I have seen lots of chipping companies offering to upgrade the Mini One - looks like perhaps being the 00's tuning car of choice.
Mini One ECU - OldOiler
Many thanks, will sniff around the chip shops !!
Mini One ECU - sean
Oh yes,

Well spotted, Old Oiler!

All the petrol Minis have the same Daimler-Chrysler engine fitted. A source of great embarrassment to Arch-Rival and owner BMW Group.

The only difference, performance-wise, is the EEPROM chip.

I'm watching the scrapyards with interest around Leeds.

It just unplugs from the socket and plugs in your car.

Also, the "chipshop" will do you a new copy, but it really is about £500. Dynamic Dave made a comment about wiper blades, asking about whether we know what the bottom of our toolbox is for in a scrapyard.

Your starter for 10?
Mini One ECU - OldOiler
I must admit that I do like to wander around a good scrap yard, but they are becoming increasingly hard to find what the the EU rules etc.Trying to remap a Renault 1.9 dci, but they will not release wiring info unitl Oct. this year life's a bitch.

Re wiper blades - I'v alway bought new, our trains set are dear around £38.00 ea !! but you do get the metal frame !!



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