Volkswagen Passat - Big_Mac
I have almost made up my mind to buy a 1999 Passat Estate. The 1.8 SE 20V may be the model that would suite me but I have found a good 1.8T which is tempting.

Does anyone know what insurance group the 1.8T is and whether it requires super unleaded fuel?
Volkswagen Passat - shoei
Group 14-15 insurance.Like most VW engines above 1.6 they like to be run on good fuel (shell or texaco) your passat will run fine on normal unleaded but for better performance Shell optimax is the best.
Volkswagen Passat - pdc {P}
er, well my 2002 2.0 Passat Sport does less mpg on Optimax than it does on Asda fuel.
Volkswagen Passat - Steve S
Big Mac,

If you put "Optimax" or "98 RON" into the search you should find plenty of stuff on the pros & cons.
Volkswagen Passat - pdc {P}
In fact, the manual that came with mine states that a higher octane will not increase performance.
Volkswagen Passat - Marcos{P}
It also said that in the handbook for my C240 but it went an awfull lot better with Optimax, and did better mpg.
Volkswagen Passat - henryb
Did you end up buying one? I only ask becaause I'm going to sell my '98 Passat 20v estate soon...

Volkswagen Passat - Big_Mac
Yes, I bought a 20V SE. I'm very pleased with it too.
I have plans to get a CD changer and add 16" alloys. The car came with a dog guard, which I don't think is a VAG item, but it is surplus to requirements if anyone is interested.

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