M3's Value - please help! - Carmad 10000

You may remember early last year that we purchased a BMW M3 Evolution. Well, its time to move it on for something different.

Anyway, ive been trying to get valuations and they are all over the place!

Parkers quoted something like £13,500 if it was sold by a dealer, however whatcar have said £15,040 privately and the bmw enthusiasts site have said my car is quite rare and should fetch at least £15,500-£16000. Judging by these valuations, there seems to be a big variation. Also, there are a number of not very highly specified M3's on autotrader compared to my car.

I am totally confused so am appealing to you good natured, car mad people to help me value it!

The car is highly specified with just about every option BMW offered. This includes:

Cosmos Black paint
'BMW Individual' Modena Leather upholstery
Top of range Clifford Alarm (Avantguard 4) - can be connected to laptop to configure
Tracker Monitor
Night sensing lights
Climate Control- New A/C
Electric sunroof
Electric Heated seats
Parking sensors
on board computer
M double spoke alloys
Rear Spoiler
Wood interior
Kenwood flip face stereo
10 stack CD
Twin airbags
centre arm rest
rear blind
Full BMW Service history
74k miles
Just had MOT and Service - Inspection 2 at over £1000 Genuine
Many receipts etc.

Anyway, the car is in pristine condition without a single mark to the bodywork.

Ive been told that the Modena interior is particularly desirable being from BMW's Individual range. Also, black M3's are quite hard to find unlike silver and estoril blue - maybe this will reflect in the price?

To be honest, i would just like to know how much the car is really worth! :-)



M3's Value - please help! - Ben {P}
What plate and year is the car?!
M3\'s Value - please help! - Carmad 10000
What plate and year is the car?!

oh pink fluffy dice yea! lol a 97/R - I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THAT OUT!
M3's Value - please help! - Carmad 10000
Oh i forgot to add it also has:

Rear electric push out window (£320 option)
Burr Walnut interior (£825 option)
Front light washer system (not sure of its cost, but an option)

M3's Value - please help! - Ben {P}
is it a 2 door or a saloon?
M3's Value - please help! - DavidHM
This car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

It also depends on how long you can wait before the right owner comes along for the car. There are relatively few mint, good spec M3s around that a good one will fetch a premium to the right person - but equally, there are comparatively few people looking so you might be forced to go for a low value.

FWIW my first thought was £14700 for a coupé but if the people on the enthusiasts' site say otherwise, believe them - if you can find a fellow enthusiast to sell to.

My opinion of all the extras is that they add little or nothing to the headline value of the car, though they will definitely give it the edge over a similar priced car without them. If there's anything on the list that makes insurance more difficult or in any way is of 'questionable' taste, they'll actualy push the value down.


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