Dodgy Wheels ?? - JT
On the wifes 94 Escort, there are two new Pirellis 180SR 14 on front, Michelins on back. When driving off there is a continuous 'knocking/thumping' sound when cruising along from front somewhere, quite loud. When slowing down, the noise slows down as well.

I thought it was the engine bearings, but I rev the engine when idle and its sweet, no knocking/thumping.

I tested the wheel nuts (ok), and no stones in between treads, and I cannot think of anything else.

Any ideas please?
Dodgy Wheels ?? - Dynamic Dave
Jack up car and spin wheels to check tyres are perfectly round.
Dodgy Wheels ?? - Doc
A check on the wheel bearings would also be worthwhile.
Dodgy Wheels ?? - Hugo {P}
CV Joints?

Check the condition of the rubbers. If these are torn then you may need a CV joint replaced.

Even if the rubbers are OK your CV joint could be loose. Whilst underneath the car see if there is play in them.

Dodgy Wheels ?? - guzzler
Did it happen before the tyres were changed? If not, did it start immediately the new tyres were put on? Can you feel the knocking through the steering wheel?
I had a blister on the tread of the tyre once, but if you've checked for stones you would probably have noticed if it was that.
Dodgy Wheels ?? - John S

Swap each of the front wheels in turn for the spare, taking the car for a drive in each case. This should confirm if the problem lies with the front wheels.

If it's not the tyres, the other suspects are, of course, drive shafts, wheel bearings, gearbox or differential.


john S
Dodgy Wheels ?? - JT
Thanks for all the replies.
Yes, wheels are perfectly round when spun.
Doc - wheel bearings will be checked soon.
Hugo - cv rubbers/joints ok, no play in them.
Guzzler - very interesting, the noise only started when Pirellis put on, no wheel shudder at all from 0 to 60+.

JohnS - will swop tyres asap to see if problem persists.

It looks like wheel bearings,so will get hands dirty next few days.
Thanks to all who replied
John T.
Dodgy Wheels ?? - frostbite
Guzzler - very interesting, the noise only started when
Pirellis put on,

Something floating around inside one of the tyres?
Dodgy Wheels ?? - martint123
Not something as simple as a stone or nail in the tread that you can hear touching the ground. (I've been caught).

Dodgy Wheels ?? - David Lacey
Noisy front wheel bearings on Escorts are commonplace I'm afraid

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