Engine help.....please? - welshy
Skoda favorit 1300cc carb. model , can anyone please tell me if this engine has a timing belt that needs changing, or do they use a timing chain ? Also I have noticed that the engine is a little rattly when warm , sounds like some of the early fiestas and talbots . Can this be quietend down by adjusting tappets ??
Please any advice please .
Engine help.....please? - Another John H
The 1.3 doesn't have a belt - it's chain, and tappets.

Rattle wise, there are lots of possible causes, and it's not the quietest of engines anyway.

If you've even the slightest doubt about when it last had a service, do it a favour - give it new oil (fairly basic 10w-40 or 15w-40) and filters.

You might be surprised at the difference it makes.

If you're determined to do the tappets, do it before the oil change, then it's "rule of 9"
I.E. if valve fully open is 3
9 minus 3, adjust 6
etc, keep turning until you've done all 8.
Easier with the plugs out.

adjust cold

inlet 0.25mm
exhaust 0.2mm

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