Focus: WDS question - robert

A question for those who know about the WDS system in Ford dealerships.

I have a Focus \'03 TDdi Zetec. It doesn\'t have a heated screen & now I have a crack in the screen I\'m going to have a heated one fitted.

I\'ve sussed the electrics, switching etc. Before having the screen fitted I wanted to make sure that the relay clicks on and off when its supposed to.

In short - it doesn\'t - despite the wiring all being OK.

It was suggested to me that the GEM module in the Focus may need to be enabled for the feature to work - using WDS in a dealership. Does anyone know if this is true, whats involved and how I ask for it to be done?

Fingers crossed in anticipation.

Focus: WDS question - David Lacey
If the system is anything like a BMW/Rover 75, it will need enabling via WDS - but I have no experience of this Ford-wise.

Be careful of adding electrical items to your 2003 car - warranty invalidation perhaps?
Focus: WDS question - Fullchat
Err, what's a WDS?????????

Focus: WDS question - David Lacey
It's Ford's Diagnostic System IIRC
Focus: WDS question - robert
Worldwide Diagnostic System
Focus: WDS question - bertj
Think very carefully about a heated front screen. Some people find them very distracting, especially at night. There has been a lot of discussion on this forum about this - do a search.
Focus: WDS question - robert
Thanks Bert. Have rented plenty of Fords to appreciate that the pro's more than outweigh cons.
Focus: WDS question - David Lacey
I'm not overly keen on HFS - those lucky enough to have a garage (or two!) rarely need the services of a HFS. The wires (elements) distract me somewhat..
Focus: WDS question - Liverpaul
Both of our cars (company focus, private owned mondy) have them. I find them very useful especially when you have wet weather and a car full of people. You can set the demister to power through the centre/ edges of the passenger compartment and use the HFS to clear your view, means that the side windows are also clear.

Also a godsend on those very cold and frosty mornings, to prevent the windscreen refreezing after clearing.

If I had the choice I'd take the HFS every time, I've never had a problem with the small wires obstructing view.

Focus: WDS question - jc
A passenger will notice them;the driver whose eyes are focused way in front of the car(or should be!)won't notice them.
Focus: WDS question - smokie
Absolutely right jc, I'd never thought of it that way, but driving Mrs Smokie's I don't notice it, when being chauffeured I do

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